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Posted by Kevin Bowen on November 27, 2012 – 9:16 am

Colts interim head coach/offensive coordinator Bruce Arians covered a variety of topics on Monday evening while on the ‘Pagano Show’ hosted by ‘Voice of the Colts’ Bob Lamey. Below are some of the highlights:

On winning another one-possession game, the sixth of the season:

“I think that’s the only kind we know how to play right now (laughs). We are winning the one-possession games and I’m really proud of the way our defense and special teams played. I thought they were outstanding. Offensively, we did just enough to win the game and did not lose the game.”

On what has been the key to winning so many close games:

“It is (really hard to do). Hats off to the young players. We have great veteran leadership but these young guys have bought in and they’re working really hard. I thought offensively some of the young players looked like they hit the rookie wall and we had a little talk in halftime. But they bounced back and played really well in the second half.”

On why this team finds itself sitting at 7-4 and leading the AFC Wild Card:

“I think the whole thing with the bonding and our team having a purpose, and the purpose being Chuck. Just hell-bent on going to extend this season until he’s back. The coaching staff has done a tremendous job of trying to take his place and everybody’s chipped in.”

On what your impressions have been of the Colts fans:

“They are fantastic. I always felt like even in my time here before at the old stadium it was one of the (loudest) places to play in. When you come in here as a visitor it is extremely difficult to block out (the defensive) front with all the crowd noise. I think our crowd does a great job. Hopefully we’ll continue to win and win at home and that’ll get us into the playoffs.’

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  1. By Jim on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    When Bruce said “They (the fans) are fantastic. I always felt like even in my time here before at the old stadium it was one of the (loudest) places to play in.”
    It was loud there and we remember that the NFL investigated that the stadium was piping in artificial noise. Ridiculous… I was there at most of those games and it wasn’t piped in…It was us.
    The new stadium is not as loud, I think, because the configuration is different, but it is still very loud. I do miss the “WAVE”,though, but it can’t happen (we tried) because of the way the stadium is built.
    Thank you, Bruce, for doing so well It is fun again.

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