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Looking for ways to connect?

Posted by coltsindianapolis on November 4, 2011 – 6:44 pm

Looking for other ways to connect with Colts fan from around the world? Or maybe you are wanting to discuss in more detail colts articles and news? There are a few options to achieve just that.


Colts Direct


The Indianapolis Colts have released an all new Fan Forum for the 2011 season. The forum has many of the great features you would look for in a forum, as well as a great community of active fans who share your passion for the game of football and the Indianapolis Colts.

Currently some active topics include:


Colts Direct is the premiere online location to share a social experience with other Colts fans. Want to create your own custom Colts fan page, share your best Colts photos, or maybe located other local fans to connect with and tailgate? Colts Direct is the place for you.

Be sure to check out:

Top Content

Members Blogs

Be sure to stay tuned for other news and information regarding, Colts Direct, and Colts Forums.

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Cheerleader Swimsuit Feature

Posted by coltsindianapolis on November 3, 2011 – 8:22 pm

Your  web team has revamped the 2011 Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader swimsuit section of the site. Now not only can you buy the 2011 calendar but you can also see several additional swimsuit photos of the girls.

From the Colts menu select Cheerleaders > Swimsuit Calendar

From here you have full access to all things Cheerleader swimsuit…you can:

Buy a Calendar

Browse galleries by specific Cheerleaders

View all the photos from one place

Colts Web Team

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Looking for pictures

Posted by coltsindianapolis on November 2, 2011 – 9:03 pm

The new platform has made finding pictures of your favorite player(s) even easier. Are you a big Pat McAfee fan and want to see pictures of Pat in action? There are a few ways to achieve this:

Option 1 – Roster

Option 2 – General Gallery Viewing

Option 3 – Search


Visit the roster page located under the Team menu

This will take you to the roster page listing out all the Indianapolis Colts players

When you click on the players name…in this case Pat McAfee you will load Pat’s roster page. Along the bottom of that page is all of Pat’s recent photos and videos.



If you wish to view all player photos instead of a specific player you can always browse by photo type. Under the Media Center Menu > Photos you can select a specific category of photo.

If you select say “Action Photos” you will see a list out of action photos by most recent first.

Clicking on a photo gallery will take you to photos of that player



From anywhere on the site the search option is always available on the top right of the website.

Enter your search term…in this case Pat McAfee and click the magnifier glass.

This will return all things related to Pat McAfee, including his photo galleries

Stay tuned for other How-to’s and information related to

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