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Mr. Miracle: the cause and the cure

Posted by coltsindianapolis on December 12, 2011 – 4:39 pm

Every week features a blog written by one of our fans. This week’s blog was submitted by Jaggededge.


Greetings, Colts faithful. I hope that all is well with you and yours as we prepare to celebrate yet another holiday. Unfortunately, the celebration will not involve marveling at our Colts as they play for another post season berth or title. The sad fact is we are now only three games away from setting a dubious record for losses matched only by the hapless Detroit Lions in 2008 unless of course you believe in miracles. I do believe in a miracle but he wears number 18 and we will have to get a win without his help this year.

I just watched the Ravens send our team the message that beatdowns in their house would be …”Nevermore, nevermore.”  As I watched that game the camera repeatedly showed glimpses of the only man who could maybe make a difference in this statement game as well as all of the previous games the Colts had suffered losses in. This man, when he played the signal caller position, was the reason the Colts were hard to beat. This man was indeed the unforseen MVP, for the team and would have been the x-factor or difference maker for all of the games the Colts had managed to lose.

I of course am referring to the guy whom  I call Mister Miracle of the 56th street Colts complex. To the rest of you and the world you know him as Peyton Manning. He is in my eyes, the cause for the Colts woes and he is also the cure. Let me elaborate on this profound statement. I say he is the cause because the Colts current drafting and roster picks are designed around Peyton to enhance his style of play which is our fast start on offense and our quicker defense against opposing teams who are forced to play catch up. When it works it is ingenious but when this module (the actual Colts offensive and defensive design or approach to playing games as created by architect and past GM Bill Polian) is inverted then it becomes the disaster kind of like thing that we are currently witnessing. As with any module, you can only stretch it so far before it needs to  be either infused with new talent or blown up. Typically the life cycle on being the top dog for most NFL teams ebbs and flows about every three to five years anyway so we were in the bonus, folks. Does that make you feel better or sleep more comfortably at night after watching a Colts game?

When Peyton is playing, or whomever the Colts place at the helm as quarterback is playing this game we are a handful, as Coach Dungy use to be fond of saying. However, although we cannot be stopped when we are on unfortunately, we also cannot win when we are offThis is the secret that the Colts have let out to the NFL world. We have a below average defense, inferior special teams, an inferior offensive line and an adequate running game and below average passing game without Manning. If you add in our average coach and play in the NFL you get the results we now see which is what our record says we are… 0-13.  No other top five quarterback could stand behind our offensive line and complete the passes Manning completed with the protection he had and score the way the other quarterbacks are now scoring or playing in the game today. Rodgers, Brees, Brady and Rivers in that order would fare (In my honest homer opinion) even  worse than Manning as far as completion percentages and stats and wins.

So since the whole Colts player styles is predicated on Manning, and the Colts organization financially is cash strapped because of Manning, he is the cause of being where the Colts are. The Cots strength through drafting approach and not paying top dollar for free agency is all because of a lack of money. Again because Manning commands a lion’s portion of the money under the salary cap.  Also, since Manning is now injured and temporarily unavailable to us except as a quarterback assistant, we can now see the flaws of the team more clearly. I shudder to think how many rings Manning would have if he had superior talent in all of the areas I just mentioned above? I think more than one ring for sure most of you readers would have to agree. Of course the other side of the equation is Manning’s greed and the Colts catering to it is what put us in this situation in the first place so I can blame him a little.

So what does Manning bring for the money? When Manning (Mister Miracle) returns to the game next year the Colts will win again and it will be like night and day compared to this years team. It truly makes sense that if Manning is the cause he would also be the cure for what ails the Colts. Also, the Colts will have his future replacement in training if they take Andrew Luck, plus a revamped running game and all of the areas they are deficient in will have went through close scrutiny and will be addressed. They will have seasoned backup quarterbacks in Painter and Orlovsky as well. Bill and Chris Polian will have once again extended or renewed the module that brought them years of dominance in the AFC South. I still see Manning if unable to be an effective quarterback staying with the Colts and making the team better just by his presence. He does so much for the team. So consider this year as not our team tanking but rather a speed mound we had to run across.(mounds are a little bit bigger than bumps) It will also follow team tendencies in the NFL- which is to deplete personnel or have ups and downs. Remember, we were overdue for the down and this is it folks. Do not forget to factor in the injuries due to the shortened season and we have a recipe for disaster. I would gladly take all the wins we have enjoyed as fans to have a year down like this and show me any other team fans in the league who would disagree and I will show you someone who does not grasp the Colts concept. We are not the Patriots, Saints, Ravens, or Steelers. We are designed differently from all of these clubs. We do not approach the game the way they do for if we did we would not beat them. They are predicated on strength and we are predicated on speed and timing. We play to our strengths as do they and in the past we were so good at it that the rest of the NFL was in a learning curve. They have caught up and deciphered our clues. This is where Peyton excelled  as he was always keeping one step ahead of his competitors.

Mister Miracle, is actually a double entendre since (it will be a miracle if he can play the game after his operations at the level he was before)  Manning brings so much more than shall we say “luck” to the team. We will have Manning’s field general presence, his intelligence, and then if you throw in a little Luck and combine that with a Horseshoe and Viola!  It should be all we need if we combine some talented players and a great training system that is teachable to those players.

So, right now  fans we need to show more support than ever for this team and we just need to stay in the saddle and ride this season on out. I still think the Colts will win a game this year and that it will be one of the home long as Orlovsky is playing that is. I still do not have the confidence  in Painter to win one in the clutch and although Orlovsky, is not a proven commodity, I think he will get it done. I pay no attention to the media or fair weather and band wagon fans because they are not familiar with adversity. It is what we the fans and the players go through and are born out of  that creates the resolve and end product that our Colts have become. In order to be a veteran you have to have once been a beginner somewhere and in order to be a winner you had to step back or lose at first in order to learn how to win.

Although I do not disbelieve in luck, I do believe in miracles. Especially Mister Miracle. He and the Polian Hierarchy will fix the problems and offer solutions. A great quarterback fixes everything. Manning will be the salve for the Colts wounds in 2012. You read it here first. As Coach Caldwell is fond of saying “it is all correctable.”

Winning is not only a state of mind, but natural talent, great leadership and individuals playing as a team toward a common goal. However nothing happens until we win the first game. If we win a game this year I would consider it a miracle with what all we have had to overcome. The question is do you, I and the Colts believe we will win a game this year? Do you believe in miracles? I do. If we all believe it then that is the first step to making it happen. In the end the players do have to play the game though. They have to play to win instead of playing to lose. If we can do that then next year the Miracle will continue from there.

Go Colts!


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17 Responses to “Mr. Miracle: the cause and the cure”

  1. By Maureen on Dec 12, 2011 | Reply

    Great post jagged and I agree, I believe we can win a game this year.

  2. By Jennifer Draper on Dec 13, 2011 | Reply

    Great post Jagged!! I agree with you all the way! I DO believe we will win a game and next year will be so much better!!

  3. By Clint on Dec 13, 2011 | Reply

    Manning’s greed? Have you ever watched the news here in Indy? Were you aware that Peyton took LESS money on his latest contract to support new players? Were you aware that he has donated millions to the Riley Children’s Hospital here in Indy and other organizations? Greedy is the LAST think you will ever hear in a description of Peyton Manning. You are the furthest thing from correct on this topic. You have misrepresented the greatest quarterback the league has ever seen to be a greedy cheat, and in doing so you have misrepresented the colts organization.

  4. By Gordon38 on Dec 13, 2011 | Reply

    Hope you’re correct and that we can win at least 1 game – perhaps the jags will let us win one.

  5. By Pargeman on Dec 13, 2011 | Reply

    Jagged I loved the article….many great points…Next year will and HAS to be better!! have a great holiday!

  6. By Lee Ledgerwood on Dec 13, 2011 | Reply

    As always, lengthy and well written. Clearly outlines the situation as it is without going into tangents on the “what if” which does no one any good, I enjoyed reading it but then again I always like your writing.

  7. By Jaggededge on Dec 13, 2011 | Reply

    @Clint: hey everyone is entitled to their opinion and I am glad to hear yours. I still think although Manning has made and gave back millions that he could have taken less. He made his money from other sources as well and the money he does not take could be used to keep some of the players the Colts had to let go just to pay Manning. So yes I still feel greed and maybe ego are factors here. Now just how much is Manning really worth? I am not sure of a hard figure but I am glad to have him here as a Colt. My main point in this blog is the Colts are cash strapped and therefore must build the team a certain way as long as the quarterback is getting the Lion’s share of the money to stay competitive. Also,since the team was built around Manning we see what happens when the expensive center piece is lost do we not? Only Manning’s return or a quarterback of his caliber will address this problem. Until the Colts can pay less money to a quarterback they will stay forced to build the Colts team the way it currently is. This is the module that is in place and has worked best for all of these years. The real question is where do they go from here? Do they stay with that module or is it back to the creation board?

  8. By Barry on Dec 13, 2011 | Reply

    Good blog though are points I agree with, some i dont, that doesnt invalidate the blogs quality, merely a bit of opinion differences and not much
    Re -I say he is the cause because the Colts current drafting and roster picks are designed around Peyton to enhance his style of play which is our fast start on offense and our quicker defense against opposing teams who are forced to play catch up
    Much of that is true but feel its also the D’s problem, Colts fast start due to poor special teams was always from the 20 yard line and involved multiple long time consuming drives that gave the D rest , same throughout game even if didn’t score, Our D isnt built to last without rest , is that because small & fast & no fat to burn for energy , I dont know — more on this take the early topic latter
    RE -Rodgers, Brees, Brady and Rivers in that order would fare (In my honest homer opinion) even worse than Manning as far as completion percentages and stats and wins.
    I have no doubt none of the above would do as well as Peyton on our team,,, as far as the order that am not sure of, Rodgers has been sacked often when had a poor OL, Brady & Brees have quick deliveries but also so much better OL , if they had to deliver the ball so fast , so often , without a running game would they last & be consistent for all of Peyton’s last minute comebacks, I doubt any of the above QBs nor any QB i could think of would be able to handle it
    RE- Manning’s greed and the Colts catering to it is what put us in this situation in the first place so I can blame him a little.
    Dont think he is as greedy as u think, On the surface I understand, but the man takes that money and donates a ton & last year took less asking for colts to please use it to sign our & other FA, & he even named a few he wanted signed like he noted Charlie Johnson as one he wanted ,Yet Colts let Johnson walk, wonf der what Peyton Felt Like Then
    RE -and all of the areas they are deficient in will have went through close scrutiny and will be addressed
    I will believe it when it happens, Polian always new we couldn’t stop the run and never solidified the DL , this let way to many prolonged drives , keeping peyton off the field and eliminating the # of offensive possessions, so yes we often took an early lead but also as testified by all the last minute comebacks, , 7 in the 2009 season run, Th D failed , Peyton had to bring us back, often with the unique ability to convert 3rd downs and get TD’s once in the red zone as opposed to FG’s, & if not for that during the game we would not even be in a position for a last minute drive as would be down more
    Re – I would gladly take all the wins we have enjoyed as fans to have a year down like this and show me any other team fans in the league who would disagree and I will show you someone who does not grasp the Colts concept.
    I wouldn’t trade the pure joy Peyton has given me for anything besides better health
    RE -as far as believing in miracles

  9. By David West on Dec 13, 2011 | Reply

    Well the Colts will have to make some changes get some bigger players for defense and faster. Special team need some help and a kick returner who can run very fast with no blocking. Please stop making excuses for back up player they all get paid.

  10. By Jeffro1947 on Dec 14, 2011 | Reply

    Jag, I’m sure it’s a great piece, and I’ll get back with you when I have time to give it justice!!


  11. By jaggededge on Dec 14, 2011 | Reply

    @Dave: Agreed. I do feel the need to point out that they backups are backups for a reason and that reason is diminished talent. So we cannot put our hopes to high as they will make learning curve mistakes. @Barry: excellent counterpoints to my blog, and I actually can concur with a few of them. I think that what Manning brings to the Colts organization is a provocative subject that will polarize some Colts fans.I appreciate all of the remarks on this blog topic. It is great to have a place where we the fans can discuss our team! Kudos to the Mycolts/direct.colts and organizations for making that happen.

  12. By Kyle on Dec 15, 2011 | Reply

    I am so tired of listening to ESPN about the Colts trading Peyton. I wish they would stop. I’ve been a peyton fan for the last decade now, and I can’t see him playing for andbody else. He has done so much this team and the state. He deserves to play his last year with the Colts.

  13. By Jeffro1947 on Dec 16, 2011 | Reply

    Jag I agree in Miracles and Mr. Miracle also!! Yes this group of offensive Colts are picked for Peyton’s skills. Whether we win a game or not, my opinion is go ahead and draft Luck and hold him for trade bait. Trade him and get several top picks added to our already top picks in every round. That should restock our cupboards both on offense and defense! How does that Special Teams Coach survive? Yes we were overdue to have a down year, just look at how many years our picks were at the bottom of all draft rounds, we’ve been very fortunate mainly because of Mr. Miracle!!!

  14. By Jeffro1947 on Dec 16, 2011 | Reply

    Jag I disagree that Peyton is greedy at all. He has restructured many times for the team. The players association wants these great players to take as much as they can get and so do the other players because of players of the future and to get other players bigger contracts. Just look at his last contract, all he wanted was to match Brady’s money. He has built a children’s hospital St. Vincent, and has all kind of charity ventures going!! There is NO GREED in Mr. Miracle, NONE!!

  15. By Jaggededge on Dec 20, 2011 | Reply

    Agreed Jeffro, lol maybe greed was too strong of a word how about market share?;0

  16. By Steve Dillner on Jan 25, 2012 | Reply

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