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Posted by coltsindianapolis on January 10, 2012 – 1:50 pm

Every week features a blog written by one of our fans. This week’s blog was submitted by Doreen N Gardner.


I will be a Colts fan no matter who is throwing the football, calling the plays, or managing the team. I waited about 4 years for season tickets and Aug 2012 will be my fourth season as a holder. I may not understand all the odds and ends of football, but for a 31 year old single mother of one,I LOVE the game and Colts organization, even if I may not always agree with their choices. It is what it is, if keeping things the same leads to the same results then a change is needed to hopefully strive to bigger and better things. I truly was surprised by the firing of Polian (Bill) as I think over the past 14 years he made changes and choices that benefited the Colts, his son however I’m not a fan so there was no love lost there for me. Business can be tricky and when you are on top of the world for several seasons with winning a superbowl, divisons, etc and then a set back smacks you in the face with a lockout, injured players, etc it’s time to evaluate the holes that this season showed but had Manning been on the field probably wouldn’t have been noticed (IMO Manning is AMAZING). Him being sidelined this season revealed holes that need tweaked. Here’s to the upcoming changes and the draft, is it August yet?


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