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Posted by coltsindianapolis on January 27, 2012 – 2:04 pm

We would like to dispel any misperception that there might be any hard feelings between us.


Since 1998, we have enjoyed a great relationship, based upon mutual respect and trust. We have always been able to talk and address matters we’ve faced over the years, not just as owner and player, but as friends. We had a long talk today and we want to assure Colts fans everywhere that we are both committed to maintaining our close relationship and to working together through any challenges the future may bring.


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  1. By waxedagain on Jan 27, 2012 | Reply

    To whom was the statement issued?

  2. By rbarr on Jan 27, 2012 | Reply

    I’ve been wondering while watching the news feeds, blogs, and tweets (basically the compounding of the situation brought on by the media) why does it have to be so final? Even if Payton never throws a football again he is arguably the best field stratrgist in the game wouldn’t any new quarterback benefit from the kind of expertise that he could bring as oh i dont know offensive coordinator or anything? I know the desire to play would be fierce to try and supress but when weighed against all the other options and possible consequences would it not be a viable option?

  3. By Debbie Jones on Jan 28, 2012 | Reply

    I usually try to keep an open mind when I read news articles about who said what to whom, especially when it comes to a complete change in management. I hope that the above statement is truly a jointly prepared and agreed upon statement representing both Mr. Manning’s and Mr. Irsay’s views on this matter.

    I found nothing amiss by the earlier comments attributed to Mr. Manning. I felt that his remarks were appropriate, and appreciative of the many years of hard work put in by former staff members. I also felt it was an excellent example of what true leadership means – recognizing that many people are responsible for the past successes of the Indianapolis Colts, even when a change is necessary. To have acted and spoken otherwise under these circumstances would have been callous to say the least.

    While this is a very lucrative, and ever-changing enterprise, it would be very remiss on the part of Mr. Irsay and the new general manager of the Colts to send these people packing without acknowledging their past contributions to the “horseshoe.”

    I certainly hope that Mr. Irsay does not make the same mistake when it comes time to consider Mr. Manning’s future with The Indianapolis Colts. This excellent player has worked tirelessly to put your organization and this town on the national map, and made you a very wealthy man in the process. Treat him with the same dignity, integrity, support, and loyalty that he has given in spades to you and the Colts organization throughout his career with your team regardless of future plans.

    To do less is unworthy of the high standards of this player, his predecessors, the season ticket holders, and the many purchasers of Colts merchandise who have made and continue to make it possible for you to accumulate a tidy fortune. Don’t sever the hand that has fed all of you so well for so many years like yesterday’s garbage. Don’t make the same mistake that Robert Irsay did so many years ago when he squandered the goodwill of so many by the way he handled the team’s departure from Baltimore. Do the right thing, with appreciation for those who have always put the best interests of the “horseshoe” first.

    Honest communication with your “family” members is vital to keeping everyone on the same page. If the private communication hadn’t been lacking here, it wouldn’t have required a meeting to prepare a joint statment, in my humble opinion.

  4. By Derrick on Jan 29, 2012 | Reply

    all i can say is if y’all do let Peyton go i do believe yall will have more to leave so i really dont see that helpin the colts any at all and further more 1 bad season and yall fire the head coach really what were yall thankin the only thing this is doin is makin the team worse and will end up not havin a team at all and the brand new lucas stadium will be shut down cause no one will come to the games cause the fan base will be gone cause there wont be any players worth seein

  5. By detroitlionsnfl on May 18, 2012 | Reply

    The Colts did what they had to do to get better, I don’t begrudge them…..

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