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Sergio Brown – Media Day

Posted by coltsindianapolis on January 31, 2012 – 6:58 pm

Even though he has moved on to the next level, former Notre Dame safety Sergio Brown sees a lot of similarities between his college and professional days.

Early on in his college career in South Bend, Brown etched his role on special teams before starting 18 games in his final two seasons.

Brown went undrafted out of college and has spent both of his NFL seasons with the New England Patriots.

Special teams play was once again the constant for Brown during his initial season in Foxboro.

That role has expanded to the defensive side of the ball this season with Brown starting three games to start the 2011 season.

“In some way or form it feels like I’ve been through it before so that helps,” Brown says. “It gives you a one-up on preparation and just a way to go about the whole situation.”

Another similarity that Brown has found between his college and professional days is the national spotlight.

While at Notre Dame, Brown was on national television each game and now he will be seen worldwide on Sunday.

“Talking to the media and all the craziness at Notre Dame it’s similar to this but it’s nothing like the Super Bowl,” Brown said of the attention.

The safety has continued to make his greatest impact on special teams while playing sparingly in the defensive backfield.

During the Patriots playoff run, Brown says his phone has been ringing off the hook and he has had to cut his ticket allotment to his immediate family for the Super Bowl.

The thrill of playing in the Super Bowl hasn’t sunk in yet according to Brown but he hopes come Sunday evening he will be celebrating with all of his family and friends in downtown Indianapolis.

“I’m from Chicago so it’s not that far,” Brown said of the proximity. “A lot of people said they would be down in the area so that’s great. Hopefully after Sunday it will be a real good reunion.”

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BenJarvus Green-Ellis Media Day

Posted by coltsindianapolis on – 5:45 pm

Through various stops in his football career, Patriots running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis returns to the state where it all began eight years ago.


Green-Ellis will wrap up his fourth NFL season on Sunday but spent his first two years of college at Indiana University.


For the third time in his NFL career, Green-Ellis will play at Lucas Oil Stadium but this time with slightly larger stakes on the line.


“It’s important to me because this is where I actually started my career as far as college is concerned,” Green-Ellis said


During his time at IU, the New Orleans native led the Hoosiers in rushing in both seasons combining for 12 touchdowns.


After his sophomore season, Green-Ellis made the move back to the south transferring to the University of Mississippi.


Following his two years at Mississippi, including being named first team All-SEC in 2006, Green-Ellis went undrafted in 2008 but that hasn’t stopped him from growing into a staple in one of the league’s best offenses.


In 2010, Green-Ellis became the first Patriots running back to rush for a 1,000 yards since Corey Dillon accomplished that feat in 2004.


A combined 24 touchdowns the past two seasons has helped pave the way for Green-Ellis’ homecoming to the Hoosier state.


“With me being from New Orleans, it was the first time I actually was out of New Orleans and out of the state of Louisiana,” Green-Ellis said of his time at IU. “So coming here and actually getting a chance to come back here for the Super Bowl is great.”

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