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Steve Weatherford

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 Kevin Bowen

3 February 2012

 Steve Weatherford shuns the typical stereotype surrounding punters.

A three-sport athlete in high school, Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes calls his holder the ‘best pound-for-pound’ athlete on New York’s roster.

That athleticism has brought Weatherford back to the state where he excelled in high school playing four sports and setting school records at Terre Haute North.

“I’m so excited,” Weatherford said. “What an opportunity, what a blessing, to do it in pretty much my home town is amazing.”

Born in Crown Point, Indiana, Weatherford lived in Louisiana until the age of 13. His family then moved to Terre Haute where Weatherford starred in high school before accepting a scholarship to the University of Illinois.

Terre Haute has put up a billboard wishing luck to Weatherford and the Giants. Since joining the NFL seven years ago, Weatherford has been active in giving back to the Terre Haute community.

After each game he often packages up little used cleats or other various clothing and equipment items he sees lying around the locker to send them back to Indiana.

“They gave so much to me,” Weatherford said of Terre Haute. “Being from Terre Haute with the poverty level double the state average there’s a lot of people in need, and there’s a lot of good people there that support me there and they were influential in my sports career and my upbringing. To be able to have the opportunity to be put in the position to give back so generously is a no brainer for me.”

On Sunday, Weatherford will have another opportunity to give back by capturing his first Super Bowl Title.

Weatherford said when the Super Bowl 2012 bid was announced years ago for Indianapolis his grandmother said how ‘cool’ it would be to watch her son play just 75 miles away from Terre Haute.

At the time Weatherford laughed off the pipedream but after the Giants have rattled off five in a row to end the regular season and start the playoffs his grandmother’s afterthought is 60 minutes away from becoming a reality.

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James Brewer

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Kevin Bowen

3 February 2012

 One year of high school football.

That is all Giants offensive tackle James Brewer needed to earn a plethora of major Division 1 scholarships before ultimately signing with Indiana University.

A basketball player early in his high school career, Brewer said Arlington High School Athletic Director Larry Nicks convinced the 6-foot 8-inch senior to hit the gridiron for his final year.

With only one year of game film to show potential suitors, Brewer is curious what might have happened if he put the pads on earlier in his career.

“I do wonder, but at the same I think it worked out it how it was supposed to,” Brewer said of playing just one year of high school football. “I think if anything I probably could have gotten some more exposure at the high school level but I definitely wouldn’t have changed anything.”

Brewer battled injuries at IU but started 21 games in his final two seasons before being drafted in the fourth round of the 2011 NFL Draft.

Returning to Indianapolis this weekend, Brewer is perfectly fine with the circumstances he is under in coming home.

“To be back home for a cause such as the Super Bowl as opposed to coming home because the season is over is an added bonus,” Brewer said.

Along with linebacker Mathias Kiwanuka, Brewer makes up the only two Indianapolis natives in the Super Bowl

“My mother works downtown so I was able to go hangout with her and see her yesterday,” Brewer said. “It’s just nice to be home in a comfortable setting.”

Five years ago Brewer was getting his first taste of competitive football and now the rookie has the chance to play for the Lombardi Trophy in his hometown.

“My main focus was first making the team and learning as much as I could,” Brewer said. “Coming out of the lockout I wasn’t even thinking about the Super Bowl, I was thinking I’ve got to learn my plays. The past couple of weeks have truly been really awesome.”

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