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Fans: Don’t Knock The World Off Its Hinges!

Posted by coltsindianapolis on March 12, 2012 – 11:19 am regularly features blog written by one of our fans. This week’s blog was submitted by WeSpy

As a kid, I read a lot of books and listed to audio versions of them as well. You hardly ever saw me without a book or a tape player. At night, the tape player went under my pillow—and played on. In the tub, the tape player went on the ledge—and played on. In the car on road trips, the tape went into the car player—and played on.

One of my favorite audio series’ was The Sugar Creek Gang, a series of books authored by Paul Hutchens in the early 40’s. Years later, Paul Ramseyer narrated the books onto cassette tapes. I listened to those tapes until they were just about worn completely out. I was also fortunate enough to be able to speak personally with Mr. Ramseyer by telephone as a young boy. I LOVED the series.

The main character was a boy named Bill Collins, and his mother is the character who gave me the inspiration for the topic for this week’s fan written blog. When Bill would be having a hard time and exclaiming about this thing or that thing that had frustrated him, Mrs. Collins would say, “Well for the land’s sake, Bill, don’t knock the world off its hinges!”

As I’ve scanned the forum and the web for the past little while since the release of future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning was announced, it seemed to me that a lot of fans are doing just what Bill’s mom warned against—They’re knocking the world off its hinges! In reality, the Indianapolis Colts have many bright days ahead, and while no one should ever forget just what Peyton Manning meant to this city, we must also look on the positive side of things and see that the famed trio of pessimism, gloom, and doom do no one any good.

With that in mind, here are 10 reasons not to ‘knock the world off its hinges’.

1. We Have The #1 Pick In The 2012 Draft
2. We have 4 Picks In The First Hundred Players
3. We Have The Best Quarterback Prospect Since Peyton/Elway Available To Us (According To Multiple Analysts)
4. We Have A Coaching Staff With Experience In The Playoffs In 36 Games (HC, OC, DC)
5. We Have A Coaching Staff With Experience in The Super Bowl in 4 Games (HC, OC, DC)
6. We Have 8 Players With Pro Bowl Experience
7. We Have 14 Players With Super Bowl Experience (As A Starter)
8. We Are Well Under The Salary Cap ($29.5 Million and $25.3 Have Been Put Forward*)
9. We Only Have Four Playoff Teams on the 2012 Schedule
10. We Have The Best 12th Man In Sports

So, Colts fans, the future is bright. The Colts are still a great team. And after reading these positive thoughts, please don’t be like the pessimist who smelled flowers and looked around for the casket…

Stick with your team, your players, your coaches, your Front Office, and your owner. And don’t knock the world off its hinges.

*$29.58—Colts—Minus Collins, Minus Manning, Minus Brackett, Plus Mathis
*$25.38—Colts—Minus Collins, Minus Manning, Minus Brackett, Plus Mathis, Plus Luck (At Minimum Rookie Salary)
*Please Keep In Mind That This Does Not Include The Players Presently Unsigned, Only Current Roster Players
*A Very Special Thanks To UndecidedFrog For His Assistance With The Salary Cap Numbers.

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