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Colts Fan Fest: Princeton

Posted by on June 29, 2012 – 12:10 pm

Bright and early Wednesday morning, the Colts caravan rolled out of the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center and headed south to Princeton, Ind. The whole crew was on the road for this trip, from our interns in community relations to ticket sales, as well as youth football and sponsorship sales. No one wanted to miss this Fan Fest!

Three hours later, we finally arrived at the Toyota plant in Princeton. I couldn’t believe how massive the place was! Before we started to set up for the event, some of us took a tour of the plant’s Visitor Center. We met Joanie who told us some interesting facts about Toyota. One fun fact being that the man who started the Toyota company was actually named “Toyoda.” However, in the Japanese language the letter D is made with eight strokes and eight is an unlucky number. The company changed the D to T and hasn’t looked back since. Joanie and I both agreed that the T looks much better anyways.

Soon after that, the inflatables were inflated, Colts In Motion was open for business, Free Fallin’ was warming up tunes like Won’t Back Down and American Girl and the players were en route to the event. The dynamic duo of Pat Angerer and Kavell Conner made their second appearance of the summer at Wednesday’s Fan Fest. Two fan favorites, these guys love having fun with Colts fans.

“It’s just always so great to see how many fans want to support you, even during the summer,” said Conner. “It’s awesome to be able to interact with the fans at events like these.”

The fans in Princeton did not disappoint. High temperatures and waiting in line on asphalt didn’t deter these COLTSTRONG fans. From the Toyota workers who came out and waited in their hard hats to the kids who ran up and down the slide for two hours, anyone and everyone came out to meet the Colts.

Corbin, Rilen and Landon were excited because one of their cousins was a cheerleader at the Fan Fest. Corbin said to me: “I know Stephanie! I know one of the cheerleaders!” While Corbin was excited to see his cousin, he also couldn’t wait to get out of line to play in the inflatables. Corbin did have one very important question for me. “So what exactly does that big blow up guy do?” Assuming he was talking about my good friend Tiny, I explained that Tiny oversees all of our Colts Fan Fests to make sure everyone has a good time. I think Corbin was satisfied with the answer, although a little disappointed Tiny wasn’t a bounce house or slide that he could jump around in.

It was great to see all of the Toyota workers that were able to take a break from working to come check out the Fan Fest. Even the company president showed up to meet the Colts! Michelle Jackson, a Public Affairs manager at the plant, was very excited the Colts were able to visit. “It’s so great that the Colts could come to us because not everyone down here can always get up to them,” said Jackson. “And it’s especially great that we can do this for our Toyota team members here at the plant.”

Crowds lingered until the very end of the event, but soon after the fun began it was time to tear down and pack up for the next one. Thanks for the fun time, Princeton! I hope we’re able to come back to visit next year. And as for you all at the Toyota plant, we’re so glad you’re the “Official Vehicle of the Indianapolis Colts!”

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