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Veterans and rookies bring essentials to training camp

Posted by Kevin Bowen on July 28, 2012 – 2:15 pm

As the cars were being unpacked and players loaded their gear into the dorms at Anderson University the number and size of the luggage varied.

Linebacker Pat Angerer added a television to his luggage for the first time in three years as he is hoping to watch some of the Summer Olympics.

For rookie quarterback Andrew Luck the trip to Anderson included one, or actually two, very important items.

“Probably my iPad,” Luck said of the one thing he couldn’t forget. “Well obviously the playbook iPad but also my personal iPad. I got the Kindle app so some books and the HBO Go app as well.”

Fellow rookie Coby Fleener said he added a rolling suitcase to his backpack and upon entering his dorm he quickly remembered his status in terms of being a veteran.

“I think walking into the dorms and you see that your room is on the third floor, you kind of realize again that you’re a rookie and will be walking these steps everyday,” Fleener said.

At the other end of the experience spectrum comes 10-year NFL veteran Cory Redding, who is no stranger to training camps.

Redding couldn’t help but laugh when thinking about what the Colts rookies are going through as they begin their lives in professional football.

This is Redding’s first training camp with the Colts and he is more than ready for another challenge with a new team while also offering some advice for his younger teammates.

“This is year 10. If I’m not ready I need to go find something else to do,” Redding said “I know what it takes to let them (rookies) know how to approach camp and it’s all about just coming in, learning what you can learn, fighting for a job and having fun while you are building up team chemistry.”

“This is what Anderson University, having us here is all about. Getting away from everybody, building, learning who we are as individuals and as players. ”


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