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Posted by Kevin Bowen on August 5, 2012 – 2:50 pm

Fili Moala has seen, and excelled, in this defense before.

During his days at the University of Southern California, Moala was part of a dominant Trojans defense that wrecked havoc throughout the Pac-10.

Having the chance to play in a system that he has thrived in the past, has the four-year veteran anxious to get another season started.

“Similar, really similar to what we ran at SC, same kind of concepts, a lot of movement, just kind of a little more of the exotic side,” Moala said of the hybrid 3-4 defense. “I was excited once I found out this was the type of defense we were going to run and started to get a good grasp of how it was going to be run here.”

The Colts defenders have preached the importance of stopping the run throughout the first week of training camp. Moala falls right in line with his teammates, but he even took it a step further when asked how good this defense could be in 2012.

“I love this new defense. The defense is great, great concepts, great enthusiasm from the coaching staff,” Moala said.

“The players have taken to it and are running with it. I have no doubt that this defense is going to cause a lot of turnovers, get our rushing numbers down and play better team defense so I’m excited for it.”

For the Colts returning players on defense, Moala feels the new hybrid 3-4 system has ‘rejuvenated’ a lot of defenders.

Considering himself one of those ‘rejuvenated’ players, Moala provides the defensive line with some versatility and is ready to get back to the All-American player he was at USC.

“Personally, I feel like I’m improving each and everyday as well as everyone else on the team. I have nothing but good feelings about this defense and where the team is going,” Moala said.

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