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Posted by Kevin Bowen on August 9, 2012 – 5:58 pm

Training camp might not be two weeks old, but wide receiver Kris Adams has made the most of his opportunities.

At 6-foot-3-inches and 194 pounds, Adams is the biggest of the Colts receivers and he has used that frame to make several highlight reel catches in Anderson.

“I think I’m being consistent not just making plays, but doing the right thing with the amount of time that I’ve been here,” Adams said.

“I think I pretty much got the offense down. I’m looking at my mistakes throughout practice and they’re going down every day. I’ve even had a couple of days where I didn’t make mistakes at all. So as far as learning what I need to do, I’m making some plays.”

Adams will get an opportunity on Sunday to carry over what he’s done on the practice field to Lucas Oil Stadium.

“I’m going to try to make the same plays in the game that I’ve been making out here in practice and be consistent, run the right routes and make sure I don’t make any mistakes,” he said.

This marks Adams’ second season in the NFL, but his first with the Colts. Last year he bounced around different practice squads with the Bears, Rams and Vikings.

The Colts signed him in early June, so Adams was able to attend Colts minicamp the following week.

From an offensive standpoint, Adams was intrigued by what offensive coordinator Bruce Arians did during his time in Pittsburgh and how he developed receivers.

“Just looking at the offense and the way it’s setup, this is fit to pretty much anybody. If you do what you’re supposed to do in the offense, I think you’re going to come out and you’re going to make plays,” Adams said.

“Back in Pittsburgh (Coach Arians) had guys like Mike Wallace and (Antonio) Brown. Guys that weren’t on the radar. Then they get out there and they’re running that offense, and they got speed, and they’re coming alive,” Adams said.

Last year with the Bears, Adams caught three balls for 53 yards in the preseason opener. It’s a result like that he is looking for in each of the next four weeks.

“It’s always a big game if you’re trying to make a team. You’re trying to go out there and get noticed,” Adams said. “Making plays in practice is fine, but if you’re not doing the same thing in game situations when the lights are on, when your adrenaline is rushing, the pressure is on, coach is going to overlook you.”

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