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Posted by Kevin Bowen on August 11, 2012 – 8:57 am

As Colts fans look down on the field Sunday afternoon, they will see something a bit different about their Pro Bowl receiver.

Reggie Wayne won’t be lining up in his usual left outside position every play. Instead, Wayne will be moving around for the first time in a while in a Colts uniform.

“I’ve enjoyed being on the left side on the island by myself for many years. It’s time to change that up,” Wayne said. “Whatever role they want me to do, if they want me to be in the backfield, I’ll bite the bullet and get in the backfield. It’s good to finally be able to move around and do other things.”

After almost every practice during training camp Wayne is seen walking off the field with one of the many young receivers along with heading towards the jugs machine.

“I’m still going to be vocal when I need to be vocal. I’ll still lead by example when it’s time to do that,” Wayne said. “Whenever coaches need me to do something, I’m there to do it.”

Wayne is seen talking with the receivers but said he is much more inclined to be a listener to his young teammates questions.

“Whenever you got a bunch of young guys like we do, there’s not much you really need to say. Those guys are going to lead the road that you’re taking,” Wayne said. “They’re going to follow you and they’re going to try to do the things you do. You just got to make sure you’re doing the right things.”

Following Friday’s practice, Wayne joked that with the departure of many veterans during the offseason, he has now become an elder statesmen on a team filled with new faces.

Those new faces will be fighting for their NFL future this weekend but for a 12-year veteran like Wayne, its’ business as usual on Sunday afternoon.

“My preseason intensity stays the same, don’t have any MA’s, which is missed assignments; come out of there nice and clean,” Wayne said.

“I’m excited about. Everybody’s buying into the system. So hopefully we can go out there against the Rams and put it to work.”

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