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Quan Cosby’s Versatility on Display in Colts Preseason Opener

Posted by on August 13, 2012 – 1:00 pm

Quan Cosby has been the quiet man among Colts wide receivers thus far in camp. In Sunday’s preseason opener against the St. Louis Rams, he let his play on the field speak loudly for him.

Cosby has taken somewhat of a back seat thus far in Colts camp, content to let the media focus on veteran returning stars like Reggie Wayne and Austin Collie, or young rookie hopefuls TY Hilton and LaVon Brazill. Sunday, Cosby stood out among the receivers and also showed he can contribute on special teams.

Cosby caught three passes Sunday for 44 yards, just a yard less than Austin Collie. He only wishes his signature catch of the day, a 32 yard reception from Andrew Luck where Cosby ran free down the seam of the Rams Cover 2, had gone a yard further.

“I was hoping I fell in the zone,” Cosby confessed after the game. “Twelve (Andrew Luck) put it right where I could catch it. He throws a great ball.”

Cosby was touched down at the one yard line where Delone Carter would eventually go in for the Colts third touchdown of the first half. He would catch two more balls in the second on three targets. He also was back in single safety to return punts on two occasions, neither of which presented an opportunity.

“There were two shanks on the punts, so I didn’t get a chance there, but I’m just really happy to be out there playing another team.”

Cosby was very complimentary of his rookie quarterback after the game. Last year, Cosby began the season in Cincinnati and watched Bengals rookie Andy Dalton develop. He sees a lot of similarities between Dalton, who guided the Bengals to the playoffs as a rookie, and Andrew Luck.

“I see a lot of comparisons. They both study a lot, and obviously they both have a lot of physical talent. They both do a lot of work after practice, getting more reps with their receivers. You see that kind of hard work pay off like it did today on the field.”

If Cosby can continue to show the ability to stretch the field as a receiver and be a dependable special teams contributor, he could begin the 2012 season the way he did 2011, helping a rookie quarterback lead his team to the playoffs.

Chuck Chapman is entering his second season as the editor and lead writer for Colts 101. He also covered the Cincinnati Bengals for the Sports Media 101. Chuck and his family are originally from Ohio, but have settled in Central Indiana and become big Colts fans. You can read Chuck’s other writing about the Colts at

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