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Posted by Kevin Bowen on August 22, 2012 – 7:54 am

Some would call it a gift he didn’t deserve.

But ask any defender and an interception is an interception no matter how it falls into your hands.

That was the case for Antoine Bethea on Sunday evening as the Pro Bowl safety almost seemed a bit surprised when Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s pass ended up in his outstretched hands.

“It’s the easiest interception I’ve gotten so far (in his seven-year career),” Bethea said. “Hopefully, there are some more that’s coming.”

The interception for Bethea came on the game’s initial drive as on a third-and-6, Roethlisberger looked to his right and didn’t seem to see the Colts safety lurking in the flat.

It’s turnovers like those that the Colts hope to  be recipients of a lot during the regular season. Cornerback Jerraud Powers joked with his secondary mate of how easy the interception was, but didn’t do it without acknowledging those up front for disrupting Roethlisberger.

“You saw the one with Antoine, we were kind of laughing about it, I don’t think Antoine has ever had a pick that just comes right to him,” Powers said. “It was one of those situations where they were causing pressure up front, (Roethilsberger) had to get the ball out quick and it went right to him. I think we’ll have more of that once the season gets here.”

Through the first two games of the preseason, the Colts front seven has been able to get some pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

The Colts have recorded five sacks and it’s that pressure that has those in the secondary excited about what could happen during the regular season.

“When they’re playing great, the front seven, usually the backend is playing pretty good too,” Powers said. “When they can get pressure on the quarterback and cause havoc up there, it makes our job easier because quarterbacks are trying to get the ball out and quick and we can kind of sit back there and just make plays, make some easy picks.”

Last season, Bethea and Powers combined for just two interceptions in 28 total games played.

The secondary hasn’t received a ton of attention in regards to adapting to a new defensive scheme but the members know that the chances are there to create turnovers in 2012.

“In the new scheme we are in now, there is opportunity to get some cheap ones, some tipped balls, quarterbacks really not seeing you, just throwing it to you,” Bethea said. “Coaches always say if you catch the ones that are thrown to you, you’ll lead the league (in interceptions). That’s just something we want to harp on and hopefully I’ll get some more this year.”


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