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Posted by Kevin Bowen on August 23, 2012 – 8:00 am

He isn’t the John Mackey Award winner and wasn’t a prime target of quarterback Andrew Luck in college.

Despite not having the resume of his fellow rookie tight ends, Dominique Jones has found an established niche in the Colts offense.

Among the normal roles that tights ends fill (a mixture of receiving and run blocking), Jones has also seen some action in a short yardage role for the Colts by carrying the football.

Jones’ first NFL carry came on a third-and-one against the Rams with the rush gaining three yards.

“We had worked on it a couple of times in practice but other than that, that’s my first time carrying the ball,” Jones said. “I carried the ball a little bit in the IFL (Indoor Football League) league but that was in January. The Rams game was pretty much my first experience carrying the ball in an NFL game.”

Lined up in the fullback position, Jones took the carry from Luck and accomplished the main objective on short yardage plays—move the chains.

“Anything the coaches are asking me to do, I’m going to do it whole heartedly and try to get that first down because that’s a big down and distance for us to get and keep that drive moving,” Jones said.

On the Colts depth chart right now, Jones has the letter ‘F’ next to his name to indicate his position within the offense.

During training camp, head coach Chuck Pagano explained the position that currently has Dwayne Allen and Jones penciled in.

“He could be split out wide, or he could be lined up right behind the quarterback in front of the tailback, or offset behind the guard or tackle. There are multiple positions for that position,” Pagano said.

Against the Rams, along with his first down rush, Jones also caught his first NFL pass for 22 yards.

Jones signed with the Colts on May 1 and benefited from familiarity with general manager Ryan Grigson following a tryout he had with the Eagles in 2011.

After figuring out what type of offense he would soon be playing in, Jones is ready to see his skill set used all over the field.

“When I first got here for the tryout and started learning a little bit about the offense, I was very excited about it because they used a lot of tight ends and then when I saw they were using three tight end sets, I felt like it was a good opportunity for me to come in and get an opportunity to play,” Jones said.

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