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Posted by Kevin Bowen on September 11, 2012 – 10:25 am

Head coach Chuck Pagano had his first radio show of the season on Monday night at 6:00 p.m. Voice of the Colts Bob Lamey hosted the broadcast and fielded questions to Pagano that had been sent into the show. Click here to send a question to the Pagano Show. Here are a few highlights from Monday’s show that Pagano spoke about:

On the negative four turnover margin and how he believes the players will bounce back from such a deficit:

-“Going into (the game) that’s the first thing we said, ball security was going to be at a premium. Chicago is a great football team and they do a great job of teaching interceptions, stripping the football. To be minus four in that category at the end of the day, it’s going to be hard to win.”

-“We’ve got guys that are accountable in that locker room. Everybody is man enough to accept responsibility and ownership. We do have a young team but we don’t make any excuses by any means. I’m not making excuses but I’m just telling you we do have the right guys in the locker room and they’ll get it fixed.”

On the nine-catch, 135-yard performance of wide receiver Reggie Wayne and what his veteran presence has meant to such a young team:

-“It doesn’t surprise me one bit just because the type of pro that Reggie is, the way he prepares. Day in and day out he shows up to this facility ready to go to work. When he has a day like he had yesterday, unfortunately he’d be the first one to tell you he’d trade it in for a victory every day of the week. But that’s just Reggie. He’s been a great leader since he signed back with us. He’s a pillar guy. He’s a Colt for life and he’s going to have an outstanding season. He’s going to be a benefit to all our young guys.”

-“If I’m a young receiver and I’ve got Reggie Wayne in the meeting room. I’m going to follow him around, hourly, minute-by-minute and I’m going to see exactly what this guy is doing on Monday-Thursday. For a guy like T.Y. (Hilton), for a guy like LaVon (Brazill), I said you’ve got to be in this guy’s hip pocket. He’s done it for 12 years and to go out have the kind of day that he did that just doesn’t happen. It takes preparation.”

-“He’s obviously developing a great chemistry and relationship with the quarterback. There is a ton of trust there already and Reggie is going to have phenomenal year. I wouldn’t be shocked if he has over 100 catches this year, 12-1,300 yards and 15 touchdowns. That’s the type of year he can have even in his 12th season.”

On Pagano’s experience his first game as an NFL head coach:

-“Obviously it was very exciting. Just like anything else, like a player running down on kickoff, once you get that first lick in and you get the flow of the game going than things just kind of fall into place. I have a tremendous coaching staff, support, players and things like that. They make it easy to do my job. Collectively, I was really excited and anxious and I look forward to the next one.”

-“You always want to come out of there with a victory. There were a lot of guys that did a lot of good things and you always start with the positives. We’ll get to the corrections later on. It is a kid’s game that we are playing. We understand the expectations. We know that they are very high and we’re judged by one thing and one thing only, and that’s winning and losing and that’s the bottom line. But it is a kid’s game and we always stress that to our players, know what you’re supposed to do, play 60 minutes all you got, one play at a time but go out there and have a good time. Have fun doing it.”

On how the staff is able to use technology to enhance preparation for next week’s game as quickly as Sunday evening:

-“As soon as we got on the planes (video director Eric Kunttu) and his staff are able to grab their iPads and put the game right on it. Players and coaches can start diving into the tape and grading the game. You can get a lot of things knocked out in a short flight just the way technology is now. Everybody got a good jump on it (the Bears game) that night.

-“(Players) can even jump ahead if they want and put the preseason games on there from Minnesota, offense/defense/special teams. If they get done watching our game and they want to take it home and dive into it sometime (Sunday) night and get a jump on the Vikings, than that film is already on there.”


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