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Posted by on September 11, 2012 – 4:05 pm

What’s up Colts Nation!? Well I’m back and the topic of this blog is going to be a little fantasy football. Now I will warn you ahead of time, by no way am I a fantasy expert, but I am a football expert and I think that I know more than the average fantasy football player. With that being said, I got absolutely worked this week in fantasy!

This week might be lowest scoring first week in any league ever. I got beat 69-90. That’s just terrible. But I’m not worried about it, there are a few reasons that my team only scored 69 points. As you can see from my roster below, I started Toby Gerhart and Trent Richardson at running back. Now that’s not as dumb of a move as it seems, or at least that’s what I thought. Adrian Peterson’s status was unsure and I figured they’d use their big back Gerhart to do the dirty work. Well they didn’t and Gerhart scored 2.6 points for me.

On the other hand, I just took a leap of faith on Trent Richardson being everything everyone made him out to be. I still have faith, but I doubt he’ll be starting for me this week. Ryan Mathews named inactive really hurt me this first week, but from everything I’ve heard he’ll be back next week.

So I’ve put in a trade to get Frank Gore in return for Richardson and Ryan Williams of the Cardinals. We’ll see if that goes through. Also, I’ve claimed Kevin Ogletree (Dallas WR) and Alfred Morris (Washington RB) off of waivers just have to wait for the league to approve them.

So as you can see, I’m trying to amend my first week debacle and am looking forward to week two where I think I can get back into contention. The good news is that it’s still early so I have time to make some moves to make sure I am in the best position at the end of the season.

Below you will find my “sit em and start em” as well as a “random thought” pick which I will bring you each week.

Week 2 Start em: I would say go ahead and start CJ Spiller this week as the Bills host the Kansas City Chiefs. He came off the bench last week and did great against a tough Jets defense and I look for him to do the same against the Chiefs.

Week 2 Sit em: This was a close one, and by all means I don’t think this guy is going to get shut down, but I think it would be safe to sit Juilo Jones against Denver. Jones is similar to the wide outs of the Steelers and they weren’t able to get things going against this defense. I just don’t see Jones getting over 20 points like he did against the Chiefs.

Week 2 Random Though: This might sound a little crazy, but I think that starting the Indianapolis Colts defense might not be a bad idea. They play at home where everyone knows they’ll have the home field advantage, they’re playing a young quarterback that they can get pressure on, and if they can make the Vikings one dimensional, I think they could force a couple turnovers and score some points on the defensive side of the ball.

Well that is it for my fantasy blog; I’ll be back later this week to talk about some TAILGATING!!! Until then GO COLTS and enjoy the second week of NFL action!

Yours in Football,

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