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Posted by Kevin Bowen on September 13, 2012 – 4:14 pm

The Colts offense had 48 dropbacks (45 throws and three sacks) against the Bears, a stat that Arians hopes decreases in Week 2.

“I don’t care what team you are, in the National Football League, once you get back there over 40 times, (Luck’s) going to get hit,” Arians said.

“They (quarterbacks) all do. It’s just what kind of hits are they? Are they free guys or are they just whooping somebody, pinning their ears back, that kind of thing. When you get stuck in that, you’ve just got to battle your butt off, and do the best you can.”

On 48 of those dropbacks, Luck targeted wide receiver Reggie Wayne 18 times.

It’s no surprise to Arians that a rookie quarterback like Luck would look for someone with Wayne’s pedigree.

“He’s a great player. He’s a good football player no matter where you put him,” Arians said of Wayne. “I think he’s relishing being where he’s at, being able to play all over the field, made multiple positions. I think Andrew likes him too so he should flourish in this offense.”

For the first time since early in his 12-year NFL career, Wayne is now moving around the Colts offense and had a lot of his nine-catch, 135-yard effort out of the slot position against the Bears.

Luck has said that he’s just looking for the open guy and not necessarily keying on finding Wayne each play.

It’s the days leading up to game day that Arians believes has made Wayne into one of the game’s finest, and most reliable receivers.

“Reggie knows where to go. He trusts that he knows where to go. That usually happens on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,” Arians said.

“On Sunday you’re going to throw to that guy. He’s the steady force in Andrew’s diet of OTAs, training camp and everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if that ball goes towards him again.”

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