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Posted by Kevin Bowen on September 21, 2012 – 3:48 pm

As divisional play opens up this weekend for the Indianapolis Colts, wide receiver Reggie Wayne will be facing the Jacksonville Jaguars for the 21st time in his 12-year NFL career.

Wayne holds the club record for the most receptions by a Colts player versus one franchise with 117 against the Jaguars (Wayne also has 117 against the Texans).

He has had some of his finest contests against the Jaguars and he would love to have another in front of a close friend on Sunday.

Former Colts great Edgerrin James will be in Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday as he will become the ninth member to be inducted into the Colts Ring of Honor.

When James talked with the Indianapolis media on Thursday he said he wants to see Wayne’s name right next to his in the Ring of Honor.

Wayne doesn’t want to fast forward in time just yet.

“Tell him don’t be rushing my career,” Wayne joked on Friday. “I’m happy for him. I believe it’s well deserved. He’s excited about it and I’m excited to see it go down.”

With James in attendance, Wayne has a chance to pass his former teammate in career touchdowns as he currently stands one behind him with 74 career scores.

The two’s friendship dates back to their college days at the University of Miami.

During Wayne’s first season in Coral Gables, it was the constant-smiling James who approached him to offer advice.

“He was my first non-freshman to give me a little knowledge, a little tutelage,” Wayne said. “From that day on, we’ve kind of hung around each other.”

The two spent five seasons together in Indianapolis after sharing three together as teammates in Miami.

Former Colts quarterback Peyton Manning called James the ‘best teammate’ he ever had and Wayne couldn’t argue with those words.

“I miss being in the same locker room with (James),” Wayne said. “He brings good spirit from the locker room onto the field. Just seeing him smile always makes you think that it’s not going to be as bad.”

“He’s definitely a major part of this foundation that’s been built when it comes to the Indianapolis Colts. I’m excited for him to be back in the house and hopefully we’ll have a good showing for him.”

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Posted by on – 1:32 pm

What’s up Colts Nation!? It’s another week of the NFL season which means another week of fantasy football. As I said in last week’s blog, I got worked during week one, and this week I more than bounced back. Despite a losing effort, I was able to get the second highest point total in my league.

One of my downfalls this week came before the games even started. I was offered a trade from my week two opponent where he would give me Danny Amendola for Kevin Ogletree. Long story short, if I would have accepted this trade I would have won. Lesson learned.

Other than that I did pretty well. Thanks to Cam Newton for having a great game and I stuck with my guns leaving Trent Richardson in there and he obviously did pretty well.

If you remember my “sit em” and “start em” picks from last week, I was pretty accurate on these so let’s go ahead and look at this week’s picks.

Week 3 Start em: I’m going to go with Reggie Bush on this one. If you didn’t start him last week you’re probably kicking yourself. For an offense that has been struggling to get things going, I think that he might be their best option against a tough Jets defense.

Week 3 Sit em: I think it would be safe to sit Darren McFadden unless he’s your highest rated running back. I can foresee the Steelers defense shutting him down regardless of the game being play in Oakland.

Week 3 Random Though: If you have the option to, claim Andre Brown of the Giants off of waivers. He had a breakout game last night and he is only going to get better as the statuses of their running backs are not promising.

Yours in Fantasy Football,

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What’s up Colts Nation!? What a beautiful day to be a Colts fan. We’re coming off a big win over the Vikings in front of the home crowd and heading into another game at Lucas Oil Stadium in front of our great fans.

I had a great game day this past Sunday! I was able to get down there early and head out to a couple tailgates. I made my first stop at the Terre Haute Colts Bus where they feature a cuisine common in that area of the state known as Sati Babi.

The second stop was at the Colts Disciples tailgate where they know how to party! Their motto is “We do it bigger” and boy do they do it big!

I’m going to be pretty brief with this blog because I want you guys to check out the webisode on featuring the tailgate of the week winner.

Do you think the Terre Haute Colts Bus has what it takes to beat the Colts Disciples? There’s only one way to find out… Check out the video here!

Special thanks again to Colts Grille, Honda Generators/Reynolds Farm Equipment, and Hoosier Momma Bloody Mary Mix for making this all possible!

Think your tailgate has what it takes to win the “Tailgate of the Week” and be entered in the “Tailgate of the Year” promotion? Then let me know where to come this week on Twitter and Facebook.

Yours in Football,

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Posted by Kevin Bowen on – 8:00 am

To go along with Craig Kelley’s story on Edgerrin James being inducted into the Colts Ring of Honor on Sunday, below are some of the highlights from Thursday’s conference call James had with the media.

Some of the topics covered were similar to what is in the story linked above but no one can get enough ‘Edge’, so here you go:

What can you tell us about Chuck Pagano from your days at the University of Miami?

“Everybody loves Chuck. When we were at the U, he’s a players’ coach but he’s going to get in your face. Everybody likes Chuck, he’s a fun guy, always laughing around and everything. I had to deal with Chuck because they tried to put me on special teams. I wasn’t a special teams guy, but being that I was a freshman. Chuck he was in charge of I think kickoff return and I was not too fond of doing all that stuff but that’s how we ended up bumping heads a lot in meetings. But we started hanging around more because I had to actually be in those special teams meetings.”

How surprised are you that Reggie Wayne is still playing at this level?

“Not surprised at all because Reggie puts in the work. Reggie don’t take no days off. Reggie is going to train. Reggie is going to do everything that it takes. And then Reggie is smart so Reggie understands what it takes to play at a high level and then he takes good care of his body. A lot of this is about taking good care of your body. Reggie has gone through that year in and year out.”

There’s probably a spot on the wall for Reggie in a few years?

“Put it right beside me, man. That’s my boy. Everywhere I’ve been, me and Reggie have been together. At the University of Miami, Reggie was right there in the audience, he was one of the people that has always been with me every step of the way.”

What type of impact did Peyton Manning have on your career?

“Peyton was real detailed, a hard worker, he outworked everybody. Peyton did everything it took to put himself into position to have success. I’m never surprised about what he’s able to accomplish because he was not only the top player in the league but he actually did everything it took to put himself in that position. He put in hours upon hours, upon hours. Then when you would go to his house and it looked like you were back in the locker room again. That’s the stuff that kind of made you. When you start saying how much time he put into that stuff.”

What did it mean to you that Mr. Irsay had you come down and be with the team at the Super Bowl in Miami?

“It’s like family. I didn’t expect anything other than that because Mr. Irsay has always been somebody that’s been super close to us.  I’ll always be a part of that team and I’ll always be a part of that family. There’s the business side of it that takes you in a different direction. But the day that Joseph Addai was drafted and on that team, I was on the phone with him trying to get him a good grasp of the offense, trying to make sure that he understands what he has to do and I made sure that he was able to call me. I was still a part of that team. I stayed in contact with everybody. I was just on Colts west probably.”

Of everything that you accomplished, is there one thing that you are the most proud of in your career?

“Just going out there to help win games and be able to do everything that is required to be a running back. Not just a back that just runs the ball but somebody that can actually catch the ball, somebody that can actually block, do everything. That’s one thing that I liked about it. You can go out there and do some of everything so there’s nothing out there that you can’t actually do.”

Did you feel you had a couple of years left in you?

“If everything in my personal life wouldn’t have taken the turn it has taken, then I could have continued to play. Once you stopped doing the training and you stop doing the things that it takes, that’s when you know it’s over. I had bigger things to take care of. I didn’t want to be out playing football when I had my kids and they need me more than football needed me. Let somebody else get out there. Open the door for somebody else. That spot I was using, somebody else could steal that spot that really needed it.”

Were there teams that expressed interest after Seattle?

“Yeah, we got phone calls from teams to come. Drew (Rosenhaus) was my agent and I remember one particular call when I told Drew, ‘I’m not even going to lie, I’m not even up for it.’ There’s more important things out there than just football, to be with the kids. I didn’t want to be playing football all these years and then all of a sudden I look up and my daughter’s grown. I want to at least be there and spend time with them.”

Do you feel like there was a transition with the fans where they didn’t know what to think of you at first but by the end you were one of the most popular Colts that has ever come through the town?

“You know coming from the Midwest, coming from South Florida, it’s totally different. Coming up and just being myself and doing what I had to do and kind of just staying out of everybody’s way, it kind of started meshing the right way. I enjoyed it. The people up there have always been nice. There are some nice people up there in Indianapolis.”

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