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Posted by Kevin Bowen on September 26, 2012 – 8:45 am

Of the many areas of the game quarterback Andrew Luck has impressed onlookers with three weeks into the NFL season, his ability to spread the wealth to different receivers is near the top of the list.

Luck has found three separate 100-yard receivers in each game this season.

The five touchdown passes Luck has thrown have gone to five different players across three different positions.

But the main constant Luck has found in the passing game is the trustworthy hands of wide receiver Reggie Wayne.

Wayne has 23 catches for 294 yards through three games and has caught at least six balls in each contest.

“He has an uncanny knack for when it’s zone, knowing where the hole is going to be based on where the other routes are running,” Luck said of Wayne.

”When it’s man, he’s got all the tricks up his sleeve about how to get open and when he’s covered, someone else is open. When you put too many guys on him or send a couple of guys towards him, someone else will be open. He means so much to this offense.”

Luck admitted that he was curious what it would be like interacting with Wayne as a teammate in his rookie season.

Any nervousness or cause for concern was quickly put to rest as Luck has found a rapport with Wayne on and off the football field.

“I think he expects everybody else to go about their business with as much attention to detail and focus as he does,” Luck said. “I’ve said it earlier but I think it’s great for this locker room, especially these young guys. I’m continually impressed by him every day, the work ethic he brings, the nice, calming influence he brings as well.”

Wayne is the leader of a receiving group that includes just one receiver with more than a year of NFL experience.

His resume speaks for itself among the NFL’s top receivers over the past decade. A few weeks back, Wayne joked that anytime Luck is having trouble finding an open receiver he just needs to look No. 87’s way.

Luck chuckled when informed of Wayne’s message but knows deep down that such a statement is pretty accurate.

“He’s deserved that right,” Luck said of Wayne’s request. “It’s an honor for me just to throw the ball to him.”

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