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Posted by Kevin Bowen on October 2, 2012 – 1:58 pm

As offensive coordinator/interim head coach Bruce Arians expands his role in the absence of head coach Chuck Pagano, his voice now becomes even more prominent around the Indianapolis Colts.

Arians spoke to ‘Voice of the Colts’ Bob Lamey on Monday night’s ‘Pagano Show’ and some of his thoughts are below:

On what was going through his head when Pagano called him Sunday evening:

“This whole thing brought back some memories to me when I was told I had cancer six years ago. You don’t remember the next 24 hours when somebody tells you that. I was shocked because Chuck is so upbeat and full of energy all the time. The tiring part is part of our job. We always get tired. When he called (and told me the news) he was as upbeat and positive as he always is.”

On dealing with his own cancer during his time in Pittsburgh:

“Mine wasn’t quite as severe. I had prostate cancer. It came out of the blue after a normal check-up. Then they tell you that you have it and at first you are in shock, but then like everyone should do you trust your doctor and you make a plan. You get a plan and you stick to the plan. I was very fortunate did not have to go through chemo and was actually at the (NFL) Draft the following weekend. This one is going to be a tougher fight but I know it’s one that we are going to win. With all the energy and positive energy that these players bring to him, it helps you fight that fight.”

On the ‘family’ atmosphere that has been created by Pagano:

“That’s the only way I’ve been brought up in this business. I truly wouldn’t have worked for anybody else that didn’t believe that as strongly as Chuck does. When I came back to work with him, that’s all he preached and that’s all he preaches. It’s great to be apart of and it’s something that I truly believe in. We are all in this together. Everyone that wears that blue horseshoe in this entire building is our family. Those of us that worked together 10-15 years ago, I think they know me that way. I think that’s the way we want to maintain this thing, if not even make it better, until we get Chuck back.”

On how the coaching staff and specifically Arians will have to adjust:

“I don’t consider myself the head coach. I’m just taking over a leadership role, an expanded role until our head coach is back. This is just a temporary thing. We are going to get through it and do the best we can. We are going to win some games because that’s what Chuck wants and that’s what Chuck expects, nothing more, nothing less.”

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