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Posted by Kevin Bowen on October 4, 2012 – 3:40 pm

Bruce Arians knows what his pedigree is when it comes to coaching football.

Since 1975, Arians has found himself on the offensive side of the football and isn’t going to change that with an expanded role this week.

How many minutes has Arians spent worrying about the Packers offense?

“Five,” he said on Wednesday.

“We’ve got a defensive staff for that. Greg (Manusky) does a great job. When I met with the team (Wednesday) morning, I said, ‘I’m not going to come up here and bulldoze you with this is what the Packers offense can do’. Greg is going to tell you that, what we need to do to win.”

“That wouldn’t change if I was the head coach the whole time, because I would always be calling plays if I was the head coach. I’d probably get out of coaching if I couldn’t call the plays, that’s all the fun.”

Arians has talked about the need for players and coaches not to feel like they need to do too much this week.

His players have caught on to that message and seem locked into the game plan heading into the matchup with Green Bay.

“As long as everybody does that (their own part) at the end of the day, the atmosphere around here remains the same,” defensive end Cory Redding said. “When you start to push or get out of your routine and do something different because of certain situations, that can mess things up.”

Pagano’s coaching background comes on the defensive side of the ball but Redding said that the Colts head coach allows his staff to do what they do best.

“Chuck pretty much comes over to the defensive side of the ball every now and then,” Redding said. “Chuck allows his offensive coordinator, his defensive coordinator, his d-line coach, his coaches to coach. He lets his guys do their jobs on Sunday. I don’t think anything is going to change on the sideline. Everything is going to remain the same.”

From 1983-1988, Arians was the head coach at Temple University which remains his lone head coaching job.

He doesn’t consider himself a head coach this week and he only needs to know one call from the defensive staff.

“When I was the head coach at Temple, Paul Davis was 66 years old and that was my defensive coordinator. I never had to walk on that side,” Arians said.

“I just wanted to know, what was the blitz called when we sent everybody? That’s the only one I want to know now is what’s the blitz called when we send everybody because that’s the only one I’m calling.”

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Posted by on – 3:27 pm

What’s up Colts Nation!? I’m back for another week of fantasy football talk. As you all know, I have been struggling a little bit this fantasy season and week four was supposed to be the week I bounced back. I thought to myself “no way will I go 0-4!” Well the week came and went and here I am sitting at 0-4.

This week’s downfall was due to a move that I made an hour before kickoff that I thought was a good move. I had been disappointed with Cam Newton’s performances lately and my other QB Ben Roethlisberger had a bye week. So I decided to take a leap of faith and pick up Christian Ponder who had been averaging more points than Newton and had played really consistently. That in addition to the fact they were playing the Lions, which had given up substantial passing yards, I thought it was a wise move. Not to mention that Newton was playing a Falcons defense that had played tough all year long.

Long story short, Ponder got me 4.94 (wasn’t even nice enough to give me 5) and Newton had 31.2 sitting on my bench. My opponent’s margin of victory was 23 which means if I would have started Newton I would have won.

I’m not down about it though because it’s setting me up for the best comeback in the history of fantasy football. I just have to win my nine remaining games to ensure that I will have a shot of making the playoffs. We’ll see how that pans out.

Now for my “start em” and “sit em” picks of the week.

Week 5 Start em: This is going to the guy I drafted in the second round that has yet to do anything for me this year, Ryan Mathews. I mean this guy isn’t even listed as the starter, but he’s the best back on that team. They’re facing the Saints which have been the team that is giving up the most points to running backs.

Week 5 Sit em: I think I am going to sit this guy even though he’s been solid for me all year which is why I have him here, Dwayne Bowe. The Ravens haven’t given up many, if any, big plays to wide receivers this year and I’m sorry but I don’t see Dwayne being the one who disrupts this defense.

Week 5 Random Though: Put some thought into the defense that you start. A defense can be the difference in fantasy football. Start making moves to ensure you have a defense that is not only good at minimizing points, but also that can force turnovers. I started the Texans last week and they got me 23 points. In most leagues, the 49ers defense scored around 33. So pay attention to the defense.

That’s it for today. Don’t forget to visit my homepage and watch some of my tailgate videos.

Yours in Football,

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Posted by Kevin Bowen on – 11:00 am

Their college campuses are separated by less than an hour.

Each season that matchup brings back memories from one of the greatest college football games ever played.

It will be Stanford vs. California in some fashion on Sunday with quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Aaron Rodgers representing their alma mater inside of Lucas Oil Stadium.

Luck has already poked fun at a few of his USC teammates this season and did the same with Rodgers on Wednesday.

“(Rodgers) went to Cal so I guess we have to hold that against each other,” Luck said with a laugh. “I’ve never met him but I am a big fan of his. I’m looking forward to hopefully talking to him after the game and maybe down the road.”

Rodgers is an established All-Pro in the NFL setting a plethora of single-season records for the quarterback position last season.

Just three games into his NFL career, Luck has shown an ability to keep plays alive with his feet similar to Rodgers.

Colts interim head coach/offensive coordinator Bruce Arians is a veteran of the quarterback position and sees the reasons one would compare the No. 12’s.

“Aaron’s very mobile, very accurate, got good velocity,” Arians said. “Obviously he can handle a fast paced game or a slow paced game. I think they’re very similar in a lot of ways, their size, athleticism. They’ve very similar. It’s a good comparison.”

Being put in the same sentence as Rodgers is something Luck isn’t quite ready to accept yet, and rightfully so. Luck realizes early in his career comparisons to other quarterbacks will be frequent and he is thankful just to be mentioned with a player of Rodgers’ ability.

“I think I’ve got a long way to go to be compared to Aaron Rodgers,” Luck said. “He’s definitely someone that I enjoy watching. His command over the offense, when a guy looks covered, Aaron’s always done a great job with back shoulder throws. When a tight end is running down the middle, putting it in the right spot or the only spot that it could be caught, and often times it is. It is a lot of fun to watch him play, watch him make plays with his feet as well. He’s a great quarterback.”

The last times these two teams met in Indianapolis during the 2004 season, Brett Favre squared off against Peyton Manning in a high flying show that produced eight touchdowns and zero interceptions between the two signal callers.

Sunday’s matchup isn’t quite garnering the same hype as that 2004 game did, but even Packers head coach Mike McCarthy can see why people would compare his quarterback with Luck.

“They are both guys that were born to play the position,” McCarthy said. “That’s one thing as you watch Andrew Luck go through college, there is no surprise where he was drafted and that he started from the first day. Aaron’s path was a little different. He had a chance to sit and learn. But yeah, you are talking about two very talented individuals.”

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Posted by Kevin Bowen on – 8:04 am

Heading into Sunday’s game against the Packers, interim head coach/offensive coordinator Bruce Arians and Colts players have talked about the undeniable emotion that will be with them when they take the field.

Controlling that passion is a focus for Arians but he also wants to see some of that emotion come out of the Colts locker room following halftime.

The third quarter has not been kind to the Colts offense this season scoring just three points in three games.

Quarterback Andrew Luck doesn’t deny the fact that the offense needs more production in the third quarter and maintaining that success the unit has had in the first half will be a key on Sunday.

“I think one is trying to sustain focus for 60 minutes, regardless of how the first half went, good, bad, mediocre,” Luck said. “Realize it’s a 60-minute game. No one tallies up a win or loss after the first half. We’ve got to just come out strong, stay focused and hopefully we’ll start righting that wrong in this upcoming game.”

The Colts have scored 45 points in the first half this season but just a total of 16 points and one touchdown in the final two quarters combined.

In all three of the Colts games, they have had chances to score in the final two minutes of the first half and converted three of those four opportunities.

Converting late in the first half is only one half of completing the equation for Arians.

“I think coming out of the locker room both times (the Minnesota and Jacksonville games) we had a chance for a double score, and usually when you get a double score at the end of the half and the first possession of the third quarter, you win 80 percent of the time,” Arians said.

“We’ve just got to finish ball games, all 60 minutes of them. We’ve been doing a heck of a job for about 58 of them. We’ve just got to finish the whole game, especially a team like the Packers.”

The success the Colts have had during two-minute drills early in the season has been due in large part to the communication of the offense according to Luck.

With Arians having to expand his role with head coaching duties, Luck and his offensive coordinator sat down early in the week to make sure that communication wouldn’t change.

“He brought me into his office after I first found out and said we can’t let it affect anything, the communication, the dialogue, talking about what Green Bay is going to do or what we’re trying to accomplish as an offense,” Luck said.

“That might involve having to make an extra 10 minutes after his head coaching duties to make sure we get the same conversation in, the same dialogue. We’ll try hard to not let it affect what’s been done up to this point and the growth and progress of this offense.”

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