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Posted by Kevin Bowen on October 4, 2012 – 3:40 pm

Bruce Arians knows what his pedigree is when it comes to coaching football.

Since 1975, Arians has found himself on the offensive side of the football and isn’t going to change that with an expanded role this week.

How many minutes has Arians spent worrying about the Packers offense?

“Five,” he said on Wednesday.

“We’ve got a defensive staff for that. Greg (Manusky) does a great job. When I met with the team (Wednesday) morning, I said, ‘I’m not going to come up here and bulldoze you with this is what the Packers offense can do’. Greg is going to tell you that, what we need to do to win.”

“That wouldn’t change if I was the head coach the whole time, because I would always be calling plays if I was the head coach. I’d probably get out of coaching if I couldn’t call the plays, that’s all the fun.”

Arians has talked about the need for players and coaches not to feel like they need to do too much this week.

His players have caught on to that message and seem locked into the game plan heading into the matchup with Green Bay.

“As long as everybody does that (their own part) at the end of the day, the atmosphere around here remains the same,” defensive end Cory Redding said. “When you start to push or get out of your routine and do something different because of certain situations, that can mess things up.”

Pagano’s coaching background comes on the defensive side of the ball but Redding said that the Colts head coach allows his staff to do what they do best.

“Chuck pretty much comes over to the defensive side of the ball every now and then,” Redding said. “Chuck allows his offensive coordinator, his defensive coordinator, his d-line coach, his coaches to coach. He lets his guys do their jobs on Sunday. I don’t think anything is going to change on the sideline. Everything is going to remain the same.”

From 1983-1988, Arians was the head coach at Temple University which remains his lone head coaching job.

He doesn’t consider himself a head coach this week and he only needs to know one call from the defensive staff.

“When I was the head coach at Temple, Paul Davis was 66 years old and that was my defensive coordinator. I never had to walk on that side,” Arians said.

“I just wanted to know, what was the blitz called when we sent everybody? That’s the only one I want to know now is what’s the blitz called when we send everybody because that’s the only one I’m calling.”

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