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Posted by on October 4, 2012 – 3:27 pm

What’s up Colts Nation!? I’m back for another week of fantasy football talk. As you all know, I have been struggling a little bit this fantasy season and week four was supposed to be the week I bounced back. I thought to myself “no way will I go 0-4!” Well the week came and went and here I am sitting at 0-4.

This week’s downfall was due to a move that I made an hour before kickoff that I thought was a good move. I had been disappointed with Cam Newton’s performances lately and my other QB Ben Roethlisberger had a bye week. So I decided to take a leap of faith and pick up Christian Ponder who had been averaging more points than Newton and had played really consistently. That in addition to the fact they were playing the Lions, which had given up substantial passing yards, I thought it was a wise move. Not to mention that Newton was playing a Falcons defense that had played tough all year long.

Long story short, Ponder got me 4.94 (wasn’t even nice enough to give me 5) and Newton had 31.2 sitting on my bench. My opponent’s margin of victory was 23 which means if I would have started Newton I would have won.

I’m not down about it though because it’s setting me up for the best comeback in the history of fantasy football. I just have to win my nine remaining games to ensure that I will have a shot of making the playoffs. We’ll see how that pans out.

Now for my “start em” and “sit em” picks of the week.

Week 5 Start em: This is going to the guy I drafted in the second round that has yet to do anything for me this year, Ryan Mathews. I mean this guy isn’t even listed as the starter, but he’s the best back on that team. They’re facing the Saints which have been the team that is giving up the most points to running backs.

Week 5 Sit em: I think I am going to sit this guy even though he’s been solid for me all year which is why I have him here, Dwayne Bowe. The Ravens haven’t given up many, if any, big plays to wide receivers this year and I’m sorry but I don’t see Dwayne being the one who disrupts this defense.

Week 5 Random Though: Put some thought into the defense that you start. A defense can be the difference in fantasy football. Start making moves to ensure you have a defense that is not only good at minimizing points, but also that can force turnovers. I started the Texans last week and they got me 23 points. In most leagues, the 49ers defense scored around 33. So pay attention to the defense.

That’s it for today. Don’t forget to visit my homepage and watch some of my tailgate videos.

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