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Posted by Kevin Bowen on October 15, 2012 – 9:21 am

Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne was featured on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown yesterday. Rachel Nichols sat down with Wayne to get his thoughts on a variety of topics focusing around his relationship with head coach Chuck Pagano

On why he decided to wear orange gloves in the Colts 30-27 win over the Packers:

“I thought about orange shoestrings but that wasn’t enough. Immediately, I thought about gloves. I said, ‘This would be sweet. This should make Chuck smile a little bit.’”

On Wayne’s relationship with Pagano dating back to their days at the University of Miami when Pagano coached the defensive backs and Wayne was a four-year starter:

“Every day in practice he would compete. He wanted his defensive backs to really challenge our receivers. (The secondary) used to get so angry at him to the point where they would take it out on us.”

On how Wayne would describe his relationship with Pagano:

“It’s family. It’s not a coach and a player. I know his family. I know his kids. I know about the dog.”

On Wayne’s initial chance to return to Indianapolis when he became a free agent this past offseason:

“Slim. Real slim. I just went in as I’m going to expect the worst. (Nichols: What’s the phone call that really turned things around for you?) I answered the phone and immediately I knew whose voice it was. It was Chuck’s. I said, ‘My main man, Chuck.’ He said, ‘I can’t do this without you.’ And that was all I needed to here. He is that kind of guy that you do whatever you have to do to be on his side. He has that halo around him.”

On what was the team’s reaction upon hearing the news that Pagano was diagnosed with leukemia:

“You just feel the air get sucked out of the room. You can hear a pin drop. Immediately, it was like all those 16 years that I’ve known Chuck just flashed right before my eyes. Then after you get that news, you have to go to practice. It was rough.”

On was his meeting was like with Pagano on the Tuesday prior to the Packers game:

“I get there and put my mask on and walk into the room and it was totally not what I was expecting. I was expecting him to be down and sad but it was the normal Chuck that I was used to. He wanted to talk Xs and Os. He wanted to talk Green Bay’s defense.”

On the phone call from Pagano after the Colts beat the Packers:

“He said, ‘My man, way to go. Way to go. That’s why I called you this summer. That’s why I wanted you to take a leap of faith.’

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