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Posted by on October 19, 2012 – 3:25 pm

What’s up Colts Nation!? I’m back for another week of fantasy football talk. Last week was not too good for me and my fantasy career. It has not been the best year to be on the “Colts Fan Casey” fantasy team.

I feel like the powers that be are out to get me this season. I’ve never been this terrible in my entire fantasy football career. There’s really no explanation as to why whenever I play a team they have at least one play get crazy numbers.

Well that happened again this week. This week’s culprit was AJ Green, who my opponent had who happened to score 29 points on 135 yards and two touchdowns. It’s not good news when your opposition’s flex guy goes for more points than both your starting backs and your flex player. As you may recall from last week’s blog, I partook in a pretty monumental trade in our league.

As you can see below, it doesn’t help that I had two players fail to score any points. So this week I picked Felix Jones up off waivers and I am going to try to get my first win of the year.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you think there’s something I’m missing that is making my team struggle.

Now for my “start em” and “sit em” picks of the week.

Week 7 Start em: I have to go with a guy I went with earlier in the season but I think once again CJ Spiller is poised to have a big week. With Fred Jackson’s status uncertain it looks like Spiller will be the main back facing a rather forgiving Titans rushing defense.

Week 7 Sit em: I have this guy in another one of my leagues, a league I’m actually winning in, but I think that sitting Mathew Stafford this week against the Bears isn’t a bad choice. You always have to be careful with QBs, but if you have a sufficient backup, put them in the game coach!

Week 7 Random Thought: Since we’re almost midway through the season so now is a time to turn your attention from big name guys on subpar teams and look for consistent players on solid teams. Now is a great time to explore trade options as people might be willing to move guys in hopes to change things up heading into the playoffs. Look for guys on the perennial championship caliber teams.

That’s it for today. Don’t forget to visit my homepage and watch some of my tailgate videos.

Yours in Football,

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