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Posted by Kevin Bowen on October 25, 2012 – 12:00 pm

Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Munchak finds himself pulling for Andrew Luck just about every weekend.

That will obviously not be the case on Sunday but what’s Munchak’s connection to the Colts signal caller?

“I was roommates with his dad (Oliver Luck) when we came into the Houston Oilers back in ’82 together,” Munchak said via conference call on Wednesday.

“We were in the same rookie class and we were roommates our rookie year. Oliver and I were good friends and obviously I followed his son when he was in Houston and Katy, when (Andrew) started to develop into a really special quarterback, and obviously at Stanford. He’s someone I’ve kept a real close eye on and have rooted for.”

Munchak was the sixth overall pick of the Oilers back in 1982 and Luck was selected 44th overall in the second round.

Even though Munchak has never met Andrew, he has been very impressed with the rookie’s performance through the early part of his first NFL season.

“He’s going to be special,” Munchak said of Luck. “He’s already playing beyond a rookie. He’s got eyes down the field all the time.”

“He’s not just throwing short passes to get the ball out of his hand. He’s throwing the ball down the field, making plays and he can run.”

Munchak and Oliver played together for four seasons in Houston.

Oliver is currently the Athletic Director at West Virginia University and he will be making the trip down to Nashville this weekend to watch his son take on his former roommate’s team.

When looking at father and son, Munchak sees some similar mental characteristics between the two but admitted there is a difference in talent.

“He handles things very well. He’s a lot like his dad in that way. He’s a better quarterback than Oliver (laughs),” Munchak said of Andrew.

“I think Oliver has taught him well. He seems like he’s a good pro and he seems like he’ll be a great leader there. It’s hard to find a weakness in the guy. I’m looking forward to meeting him.”

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