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Posted by Kevin Bowen on October 30, 2012 – 9:42 am

Colts interim head coach/offensive coordinator Bruce Arians joined ‘Voice of the Colts’ Bob Lamey on Monday evening for the ‘Pagano Show.’ Below are some of the highlights from Arians on Monday night.
On the surprise visit from head coach Chuck Pagano to the complex:

“It was great. Chuck stopped in for the staff meeting today. He had been down to the hospital, saw the doctors and got a great report on his counts and everything was up. He was able to stop in and spend an hour or two. I think it was great medicine for him because he felt great about it and we were all excited to have him in there.”

On the final play against the Titans and the effort by rookie Vick Ballard:

“That was just a spectacular effort on his part and just a great play to have the wherewithal to spin, turn the ball away from everybody, protect it, and still get the height he has to (in order) to make it in from the four (yard line). Just a fantastic individual effort but some really great blocks by some guys out on that screen also to get him that point where he launched and got it in.”

On doing a little more on the road and if the team accomplished that:

“Doing your job is just not enough. We had some unbelievable efforts on the defensive line, guys throwing their bodies around and holding Chris Johnson to 99 yards, then getting off the field on third down in the second half. It was really above and beyond. That’s what you’ve got to do to win games on the road. The play like Vicks’ and the plays leading up to it…there was a play in there, the third-and-10 when Andrew hit Reggie down the middle for a big one. It was a good team win.”

On general manager Ryan Grigson and working together when assembling a roster:

“We have great dialogue between that side of the building and our side of the building. It’s just one. There really are no sides to this building. It’s just Colts. It’s a great feeling. Ryan and Chuck started it off and I feel like the whole staff feels that way with Tommy (Telesco) and Ryan and everybody.”

On the running back depth and if the team is starting to form a ‘three-headed monster’:

“I knew we had a good set of backs. Each guy that’s stepped in there now has a role. With Delone (Carter) in short yardage, he’s done a good job since he was injured. I know Donald (Brown) was going to be an explosive player for us and we all thought Vick was going to become a really good player. He got thrown in there more than we hoped to early but he’s answered the challenge. Now, we have some good depth.”

On limiting Chris Johnson to under 100 yards:

“He made me hold my breath a couple of times when he came popping out of there but we did a great job of tackling him, and a great job of tackling receivers after the catch. We didn’t give them anything big. They are notorious for big plays. Chris is the best. Defensively, we did a great job of holding him down.”

On the 4-3 Dolphins next up on the calendar:

“You got two young teams, first year staffs with guys that are playing hard. They obviously have bought in down there like our guys have bought in. Both are 4-3 and they got a three-game winning streak and we got a two-game winning streak. This is a big game for the AFC.”

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