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Posted by Kevin Bowen on November 6, 2012 – 10:39 am

It’s a short week for the Colts but interim head coach/offensive coordinator Bruce Arians still covered a variety of topics on the ‘Pagano Show’ with ‘Voice of the Colts’ Bob Lamey on Monday evening. Here are a few of the highlights from Arians:

On the difficulty of dealing with a short week:

“Thursday Night Football is an animal all to itself. This is my seventh year in a row with one of these games. It takes a lot out of a coaching staff to try and prepare a game plan especially after a big win like that in four hours, which normally takes 16 hours. Our (staff) did a great job of preparing Friday and Saturday for (Monday). It’s very hard for me to prepare for one team and play another so I don’t do that.”

On the success that Andrew Luck and the offense had on third down against the Dolphins:

“That’s unheard of. Andrew was unbelievable. The receivers did a great job. Even more than that, the offensive line did an unbelievable job in pass protection. Both tackles, I can’t say enough about (Anthony) Castonzo and Winston (Justice) shutting out those defensive ends.”

On his general impressions of Andrew Luck through the first half of the season:

“He has such a great passion for the game. He has the grit that he’s not going to lose. He’s able to will the rest of the guys in the huddle with his passion, with his athletic ability and everything else. His will to win is what separates the great ones. The ones I’ve been around all had it. He’s definitely got it and some of the throws in the fourth quarter with guys draped all over him were fantastic.”

On how proud the city of Indianapolis is for what the Colts have done this season:

“Hopefully we’ll make them prouder. We are on a mission to do something special. We’ve got all the reasons to help this community, help continue what has been a great rallying around Chuck (Pagano) and our goal is to extend the season. He had a great report today. He’s fixing to go into one really tough time with the second and third rounds of chemo, but he is in remission. We’ve got our fingers crossed that Dec. 30th, he can lead us out of that tunnel.”

On having coach Chuck Pagano in the locker room before and after game on Sunday:

“Before the game was special. Some of the players knew that he was coming. We have a big horseshoe in our locker room and we squeeze everybody into the shoe. We say a prayer and then a last minute speech before we take the field. At the back of the locker room, I asked the guy, ‘Hey open up the back door.’ We never open up the back but Chuck walked in and there was just an unbelievable look in (the players) eyes of how excited they were that he was there. He delivered a great message and then after the ball game it was really special for him to have that win.”

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