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Posted by coltsindianapolis on November 6, 2012 – 10:01 am

I’m not saying any more about that. If you want to know my thoughts about Andrew Luck, check out my blog from last week.


Contender or pretender”, said Coach Bruce Arians, in a pregame interview. Now, at 5 – 3, the Colts are contenders for a wildcard berth for the playoffs and the media is saying they are America’s team.  Certainly, you can go as far as the black stump and you won’t find a bludger in the pack! Translation: You can walk the length and breadth of America and you will not find one lazy player amongst the Colts. Every last man gave more than one hundred percent last game because they knew they were playing for the possibility of a playoff spot. So too did the Dolphins and that’s what made this game so great. Both teams threw everything they had into it and it was the Colts that came out victorious. Bruce Arians is inspiring the whole team and everyone is responding.


The problem now is that we have shown our colors and every team will be pulling out all stops to beat us. Our work load will have to be greater, our rushing will need to be covered with smart screens and our passing game will show even more moves with Avery and Hilton, though they both have shown us already that they’ve got the goods; and that other guy, what his name? Oh yeah, Reggie Wayne!!!! How unforgettable is our Reggie. The Dolphins said they had to mark him, but too slippery was he!!! Then there is our brilliant defense. Cory, Antonio, Fili, Robert, Dwight, Kavell and that’s just some of their first names!!! They forced turnovers in an offense that was tight, well practiced and confident. Our defense is rising to the occasion and we are building up into a formidable force.


The Vision came through Coach Chuck Pogano, and we will realize that vision. To hold up the LOMBARDI Trophy! And when will that be? Well, no one knows but like the Coach said about the team, “You guys are already CHAMPIONS!” There is not an American who wouldn’t agree with that statement. And Coach, know that when you are celebrating, dancing with your daughters at their weddings, I will be here on the other side of the world, dancing around my lounge room, celebrating with you!

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