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Stunned Mullet

Posted by coltsindianapolis on November 14, 2012 – 8:51 am

While the rest of the football world looks on like a stunned mullet (that means they look on with amazement at what we have achieved), Colts supporters the world over are not even the slightest bit shocked. When people ask me how is my team going in the NFL, I answer, “no worries, we’re COLTSTRONG!”.


Indianapolis Colts are currently eighth on the NFL ladder, just below Green Bay and just above the Patriots.  No one outside the Colts expected it, least of all the football media but when I was sitting next to Brain Wise at my first live football game, watching the Colts play the Vikings at Lucas Oil Stadium, we both nodded quiet agreement the we wouldn’t be surprised to see the team make the playoffs. Yet, not one Colts’ supporter cares about that this season. What we are watching is a group of men quietly going about their business. And their business is to build up a football team. However, every last man and woman either on the team or behind the scenes cares more about Coach Pagano getting better than what we are achieving on the field, for we remain CHUCKSTRONG in our hearts as well. The people of Indianapolis have big hearts and there’s room to be both, Coltstrong and Chuckstrong. So when someone asks us “Ow-ya-goin, mate?”, our answer is simple; “we’re good, we’re Chuckstrong.”


Now the media feel we may be living a fantasy; that we will fall over. But our dream has already been realized and it’s not the 6-3 result, it’s the Coach taking the first steps on the road to recovery (and they said we were no good on the road! Huh!); and it’s Andrew Luck quietly learning communication with his new team mates; and it’s our offensive boys, talking quietly to each other and performing as they are; and it’s our defensive team not just talking the talk but walking the walk. To every last man on the team from your loyal fans, THANK YOU! You make us proud.


While everyone around the league is debating who’s in who’s out this season, the big news for Colts supporters is that our team is on track for the building of a new era. That’s what Jim and his team promised for this season and that’s what they have delivered. Anything else is a bonus but whether we make the play offs or nor? Well, as they say in Australia, “I don’t give a rat’s!”.


On a very personal note,  when my wife and I were in Indianapolis last September, everyone made us feel so welcomed. You people really do have big hearts and warmth in your souls so I thank you for treating us so well. It’s mid-afternoon here is Sydney as I write this blog so I am closing off now because I’m going down to the local hospital to donate blood in honor of players and people of Indianapolis who have done so much in the fight against cancer and, of course, in honor of our Coach. Meanwhile we will see what happens this coming week on the gridiron.

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