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Posted by Kevin Bowen on November 20, 2012 – 9:49 am

Bruce Arians shared his thoughts on a variety of topics Monday evening with ‘Voice of the Colts’ Bob Lamey hosting the ‘Pagano Show.’ Below are a few of the highlights:

 On some positives that you can take away from the loss to the Patriots:

“I was very pleased with the start of the game. I knew our football team was ready to play. It didn’t come out on the scoreboard the way we wanted but there were a lot of really good things that happened for us in that ball game. We ran the football extremely well, at five yards a clip. The third-down percentage was pretty solid and we were two-for-two in the red zone for touchdowns. Defensively, they did not run the football. We went in and said that they weren’t going to run it. They hit a reverse on us at the end of the game but it didn’t really matter. That was half their rushing yards.”

On not wanting your players to forget about the Patriots loss initially:

“I didn’t want our guys to forget about it. Everybody wants to say ‘just forget about this game and go to the next one.’ No, no, we don’t do that. There were valuable lessons to learn from that ball game that we needed to correct and see (Monday) because we have hopes to be back there in that same stadium soon. That’s something that we can’t forget and we should learn from. After we had the coaching sessions today, watched the tape, now we can put it behind us and get on to Buffalo.”

On your impressions of the Bills:

“They can sling it. Fitzpatrick is a gunslinger that just rears back and fires it. He doesn’t hold anything back. He’s a very bright guy. He’s a Harvard guy and he’s very mobile too. That’s another thing that he brings to the table. They’ve got skill players coming out of the kazoo. C.J. Spiller is one of the best young backs in the league. They’ve got weapons on offense.”

On keeping up the mantra of continuing to bounce back from losses:

“That’s huge and we don’t want to do that. That’s something we set out and said we never want to lose two in a row. We (darn) sure don’t want to lose at home. We want to protect this turf. Our crowd has been fantastic and we are going to need another great one this week. Crowd noise will really affect this ball game because they’re a shotgun passing team and when they can’t hear, they can’t use the snap count. It also affects their running game. So it’ll be great for us to have the 12th man out there just rolling.”

On an update on coach Chuck Pagano

“Fantastic. He was in (Monday) morning. A couple of the coaches were sick so he couldn’t sit in on a meeting that he was hoping to sit in on. He looks strong. His voice is getting stronger. He looked like he picked up a couple pounds. The second round has not been as bad, knock on wood, as we thought it’d be. Then it’ll be early December when he goes back for round three and, knock on wood, we’re hoping he’s going to be there December 30th.”

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  1. By Don on Nov 25, 2012 | Reply

    I listened to the video ‘on what to watch for’ and I agree with your concern for the Bills return men. They are the best. I hope you have Mac kick the ball out of bounds, Ha! No really I hope we hang onto the ball and score on every possession(another HA)! I’m cracking myself up. I was reading the Bills home page and it’s obvious they are planning on burning prbably the worst cover team in the league. No doubt they have scouted our weakness on kick-off and punts. This is a division type game for them. I hope we do better then we did in 2010 against them. Also, constant off tackle quick openers on second downs will work.

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