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Posted by coltsindianapolis on November 26, 2012 – 9:08 am

G ‘day from down under. It’s easy to say we had a bad performance in week 11 then came back strong in week 12 but from where I sit (and remember I’m seeing things upside down, here in Australia), I enjoyed the lessons that were learnt from one week to the next. The stand out in week 12 was our defensive team. Guys, your tackling this week was nothing less than fantastic.  Diving tackles and holding on for dear life around the ankles, body on the line plays to stop any extra yards, stopping some great plays by the Bills, preventing rushes from going too far, a couple of good sacks and never giving up when a runner is in front heading full bore for the in-zone but you push him out all resulted in the defensive team holding the Bills to thirteen points. You guys are my heroes!  Then Andrew Luck and the offensive boys did the rest, helped by T.Y. Hilton’s fabulous punt return. But it’s  not the platitudes for the great game that we should speak to; rather it’s the amazing ability of this team to be coached and to respond to the coach’s requests. For this team is truly COLTSRONG!.  That was needed if they were going to come back from the shalacking we coped the week before and still be able to beat a strong show from Buffalo. Do not forget the mistakes, learn from them but don’t dwell on them; you guys rock in your ability to achieve this goal. Now we have to travel to Detroit and take those lessons on the road. Good Luck men; our hopes and prayers go with you.


Hey, did you get a visit from Coach Pagano on Thanksgiving? I know I did. Well, not in body; Sydney, Australia is some eighteen plus hours away from Indianapolis and Chuck is in no mood to travel just now. But he sat at my Thanksgiving table in spirit and yes, I did set a place for him. By the way Chuck, I make the best pumpkin pie in the world according to my American friends so if you don’t get yourself over here I’m just going to have to come back to Indianapolis and bake you one! (We don’t officially have Thanks Giving in Australia so I have the fourth Friday in November off work to celebrate at the same time you do and to watch all the games!)  Let’s not forget those amazing cheerleaders; WOW! It’s one thing for a guy to shave his head but for you girls to do it, is such an outpour of support for Chuck, he has no choice now but to get better. And what an effort, raising so much money for leukemia research – now that’s CHUCKSTRONG!


Last year when I would tell anyone who followed the NFL that I am a Colts supporter, they say, “well, I guess someone has to do it”. I’m proud to be a Colts fan and not just a fair weather fan and I’m proud to be associated with the great people of Indianapolis. Win, lose or draw I will go to my grave enjoying the Colts on the gridiron.

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