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A Day in the Life Of a Colts Fan In the Land of OZ

Posted by coltsindianapolis on December 5, 2012 – 9:10 am

By Rob Zammit

It’s Monday morning, 12:25am Sydney time, the emergency phone calls me to work; a dog with severe, acute neck pain. Long history but some pain killers, intravenous fluids and a tranquilizer later, the dog is comfortable. In bed around 2 am to catch some sleep. Alarm at 5am, could use more sleep but gotta’ support the boys – the game is about to commence. With such little sleep, the first half is a bit of a blur, which is just as well as our performance is a bit bodgy (that’s Australian for lack of quality!). It’s time to help the boys get their head in the game. Put the billy on for a cuppa (boil the kettle to make tea) and get some veggie on toast (vegemite is a rare Australian delicacy, unappreciated by the rest of the world as they don’t know how to prepare it!).

Second half we make some ground on the Lions but there’s one player hurting us and that’s Calvin Johnson. We scream out to the defense from downunder to make megatron a neutron; somehow they listen and hold the Lions back. Now it’s Time for Andrew to take the field. He’s been threatened with a dose of Vegemite on toast so he puts in the performance we all know he can do, and yes, Mr. Andrew gets our vote for MVP and Rookie of the Year! We are in the 2 minute warning now and my friend Dan Plumlee sends a text from the game, saying, “we can do it!”.  I text back, “We have done it!! We are COLTSTRONG”. A few plays later and our prophecy is fulfilled during the dying second of the game, with a great move from Andrew Luck hooking up with Donnie Avery for that magical, winning touchdown. Thank you ball boys, thank you linesmen, game over, shut the door, too late the COLTS HAVE BOLTED!  Thank God, I’m on a high, because unlike you, I now have a full day’s work ahead of me. No worries, mate, I’m on a colthigh; the second half was a bottler (something excellent, in Australian slang) and we are in cooee of a playoff berth. And something we even now down here: anything can happen in the playoffs, because playoff football is different football.

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