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What’s up Colts Nation!? I’m back for one of my last fantasy football blogs and this is the time of year where every single point can matter. Scratch that, this is the time of the year where every tenth of a point can matter. This is for all the marbles. That is, unless you’re me, and you’re playing for the championship in the “loser” bracket. Nonetheless, I still will go down fighting!

A few things to keep in mind over the next few weeks of fantasy football. Luckily for us all, there seems to be a lot of teams in the hunt for playoff spots and playoff positioning. This means we’re not likely to see teams “resting” players over the next two games of the season. Also, there are teams still fighting to get into the playoffs so if you have players on those teams (Pittsburg, Minnesota, and Dallas come to mind) be sure to start them.

Now for my “start em” and “sit em” picks of the week.

Week 16 Start em: Let’s stay at home and go with our boy No. 12 Andrew Luck. Coming off his two lowest passing yard games of the season, look for Luck to bounce back with authority against a struggling yet talented defense of the Chiefs. This is a statement game for the Colts and I look for Luck to make a statement of his own.

Week 16 Sit em: This one is a toughie this week with so much post-season implications heading into this week. So let’s look at a game where neither team is in the playoff hunt and start there…. How about San Diego Chargers vs. New York Jets? I think Shonn Green will have a bad week against the Chargers, he’s your sit of the week.

That’s it for me today; don’t forget to check out my homepage on to see what I’ve been up to! (Especially my tailgate videos)

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