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Posted by Kevin Bowen on December 21, 2012 – 8:48 am

It’s a position that no NFL teams wants to be in but a few Colts players can relate to what the Chiefs are dealing with at this time of the season.

Last year the Colts had no postseason to play for come the month of December, yet won two of their final three games including beating a 7-6 Tennessee Titans teams that was in the middle of the AFC playoff race.

The Chiefs have a chance on Sunday to not only earn their third win of the season but also keep the Colts out of the playoffs for one more week.

However, any extra motivation to play spoiler isn’t something the Chiefs are learning on this weekend.

“It’s more about us and what we do and what we’ve done to ourselves,” Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel said. “We’ve gotten a little bit better at eliminating turnovers which were big earlier in the year and that hurt us. We’ve got better at giving up the big passes which hurt us early in the year. We’ve done better on penalties because we had inopportune penalties that hurt us. Those are the three main things that have been our down fall this year.”

Brady Quinn has been the starting quarterback for five games this season, including the last four contests.

Quinn called the opportunity to have another start on Sunday a ‘blessing’ and chooses to look at the matchup from the Kansas City perspective as one more chance to improve on a few key areas.

“Obviously the past couple weeks we really haven’t accomplished any of the things we’ve been wanting to do on the offensive side of the ball,” Quinn said.

“We obviously didn’t get off to a fast start last week (15-0 defeat to the Raiders) and really put ourselves in the hole running and passing the ball. So we’ve got plenty of stuff that we can work on and try to improve going into this week.”

In the preseason, the Chiefs and many pundits did not expect for them to be sitting at 2-12 with two games remaining.

It’s been a tumultuous year on numerous levels for Kansas City but the outlook remains positive in trying to create some momentum in closing out the regular season.

“I know that the only chance I have to make them go well is to keep chopping wood. You have to do that because like I tell the players, if you give up, you have no chance,” Crennel said.

“So you just have to keep working and get things right. Every Sunday, we go out and we try to do it right. It hasn’t been happening right for us this year but we’ve got two games left to try and get it right, so we are just going to keep working at it.”

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