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Posted by Kevin Bowen on December 26, 2012 – 7:27 pm

The relationship between Reggie Wayne and Chuck Pagano has been well documented.

Wayne has said numerous times that Pagano played a critical role in the Pro Bowl receiver returning to Indianapolis this past offseason.

The friendship of the two dates back to Wayne’s days at the University of Miami and the Colts 12-year veteran was gleaming upon seeing his head coach return to the complex earlier this week.

“It means we got our chief in command back, we’ve got our guy back. He helped start this foundation, he is the builder,” Wayne said of Pagano.

“I was joking with him earlier, I said ‘Man, I’m glad to see you getting your weight back.’ I’m just glad to see him back here smiling. We knew he was going to make it his business to get back here as soon as he can. Just to have that fall into play, I think everybody on this team, everybody in this organization, everybody in this room (Monday) was excited to see him.”

Following the team meeting on Monday, Wayne and several Colts players found themselves in the back of the pavilion area at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center listening to their head coach address the media.

With Pagano’s voice being heard over the practice field on Wednesday afternoon, the countdown has begun for the return to the sideline on Sunday.

Thanks to a 9-3 stretch during Pagano’s absence, the Colts have assured their head coach of at least two more games.

“We’ve been saying it ‘Let’s do it for Chuck, let’s win for Chuck, let’s win for him.’ We wanted to get that accomplished and everything we set out, we slowly but surely got it done,” Wayne said.

“We wanted to extend the season, we’ve got that accomplished. We wanted to make sure we could win (Sunday) no matter what it took so that when he got here and could have his press conference, he’s not worrying about all the must things we have to do against Houston to get in the playoffs for the following game.”

There are no playoff implications in terms of seeding on the line this weekend for the Colts.

They are slotted into the five-seed in the AFC and know that they will be on the road for the Wild Card round on either Jan. 5/6.

Chuck is back and now it’s time to add a few more chapters to this storybook season.

“There’s always a purpose. You’re not out there just to play,” Wayne said of Sunday’s season finale. “You’re out there to get that goal that you set out at the beginning of the year. Hopefully we can just continue to play like we’ve been doing and keep working on that common goal and that’s to lift that trophy.”

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