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Posted by Kevin Bowen on January 1, 2013 – 11:37 am

Head coach Chuck Pagano joined ‘Voice of the Colts’ Bob Lamey on a postseason version of the ‘Pagano Show’ on Monday evening. Below are some of the highlights from Monday’s show.

On how it felt to get back on the sidelines:

“What a great day. What a great day. Atmosphere electric, just typical Indianapolis Colts fans being themselves. Great, great team victory. All three phases produced.”

On how many guys that stepped up against the Texans who were not around earlier in the season:

“It’s a credit to Ryan Grigson finding those guys. You can go out and find anybody, but they uncover and turnover every stone to find the best possible guys. They provided players that come in, get a physical on Tuesday, hit the practice field, go to meetings on Wednesday morning, go to walk through, hit the practice field on Wednesday and end up either playing a significant amount of time or starting and being productive. It’s just amazing.”

On not resting players on Sunday and earning an 11th victory:

“I was reminded that on several occasions last week on if we were going to rest guys. ‘The game doesn’t matter. You are seeded where you are seeded.’ We said all week that we signed up to play 16 ball games. I’ve been around a lot of clubs that would have mailed it in at that point. Again, it just speaks to the character and type of men we’ve got in that locker room to see guys running around and having fun doing it. They just refuse to give in and there’s just no quit in this team.”

On the culture of everyone continuing to buy into the ‘team’ mantra:

“What’s great about it, is like you said in the beginning we’ve added a bunch of new guys. From the beginning of the offseason until now, we’ve added so many new faces and everyone of them has walked into that locker room and fit and meshed right in and bought into this whole culture that we’ve tried to create around here. From day one, we’ve wanted to create a culture that guys couldn’t wait to get up and come to work and that’s across the board.”

On sticking with the process even though the stakes are higher:

“(Monday) felt as normal as it’s been in the last couple of weeks. We are going to focus on the process. We are going to focus on the next game which is the Ravens. Again you go back to why we’ve had the success that we’ve had and we’ve stayed with the process. They just don’t deviate from it and these coaches don’t seem to deviate from it. It seems to be a formula that’s worked in the past for a bunch of us and it’s working here.”

On how fun the win on Sunday and this week will be:

“We play and coach a kid’s game. At the end of the day it’s a kid’s game. The stakes are higher. We understand that and we know that but if you aren’t having fun playing and coaching this game than something’s wrong. That’s the type of culture we try to create.”

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