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Posted by Kevin Bowen on January 2, 2013 – 8:50 am

All season long, pundits have tried to pinpoint why the Colts have gone from a team that found themselves at the bottom of the NFL a year to back into the postseason.

New general manager Ryan Grigson was the first hire Owner Jim Irsay made last January and subsequent moves from there have all contributed to the Colts turning in an 11-5 regular season.

“Is it this guy? Is it that guy? Is it the GM? Is it the head coach? Is it the interim head coach? Who is it?” Grigson said of why the Colts have been so successful.

“It’s because it’s a team.”

It’s that ‘team’ mantra that everyone from Grigson on down has bought into this season and allowed Indianapolis to find itself playing in January.

“No one is waiting to get applauded, singularly. Everyone is here for each other and trying to do things because if we preach the message of a team and Chuck preaches that message to all those guys and we aren’t living it ourselves, that doesn’t bode well for ourselves or for the message,” Grigson said on Monday night’s ‘Pagano Show.’

“We just always want the praise to go to the team collectively.”

While Grigson does not want any direct praise for the Colts successful campaign, there is no denying that his staff deserves some attention.

On Sunday alone, the Colts had three players with a sack that were not with the team back in September.

Kick returner Deji Karim was on the streets for the first 14 weeks of the NFL season before taking a kick back 101 yards for a third quarter touchdown.

Grigson acknowledges his staff for willing to go to the ‘nth degree’ in order to build the backend of the Colts roster.

“A lot of that credit goes to (Director of Player Personnel) Tom Telesco and my staff. We have a lot of spontaneous meetings and all of us will come in and we will look at my depth chart and we will just start talking. The name of the game in the NFL to me is being prepared. Being prepared for a doomsday scenario and that’s why you have to prepare.”

“We’ve had Monday’s where I’m looking at signing three running backs. If I didn’t have a great staff and a great bunch of scouts that are out there digging, and digging, and digging, I wouldn’t have a cornucopia so to speak of players that no one has. I feel like in the league, in general, we’ve done well because we’ve just dug that much harder and our guys have worked that much harder.”

This time last year Grigson was preparing for college all-star games with the Eagles, before he received a phone call that changed his life.

Week-after-week Grigson and his staff have brought players into the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center expecting them to perform in the Colts continuing to ‘build the monster.’

The production on the field speaks for itself and now less than a year after receiving that phone call he has a little more work on his plate with the playoffs on the horizon.

“The culture we want to create in terms of family is we are going to put our arm around that guy that maybe doesn’t seem like he belongs and we are going to give him a chance,” Grigson said.

“We are going to give him a chance to transform himself. We’ve had a lot of guys like that, that at first they were unsure but then they were reigned in and now they are really producing. It’s a credit to the staff and what they’ve done, my staff as well in terms of finding the players.”

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