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Our Dream Begins….

Posted by coltsindianapolis on January 7, 2013 – 8:45 am

Rob Zammit

Now some people would pick a blue (have an argument in Aussie terms) with this title. “What? Are you two sandwiches short of a picnic?” they would say, which means not all there; crazy. “Hell, we just lost at the playoffs…the dream ends here,” many would argue. But not me! For this little black duck, the fantasy has just ended, that’s all. At the beginning of this season we all agreed that this was a building year; we would do much better than last year, but we would only lay foundations. Bloody strong foundations, I say. Therefore, our result this year, finishing 11-5, one win away from equal leader in AFC South, making fifth seed, making the playoffs at all, taking over ten rookies to the playoffs! This is all fantasy stuff. A fantasy that became a reality thanks to Pagano, Arians, Luck and a whole lot of others but a fantasy none the less.

So fantasy over, our dream begins. We now have ten or so rookies that have gained experience in playoff football. Communication between coaches and players has started to gel and more than that, trust between them is building. Trust between a no longer rookie quarterback and his team mates is undeniably an attribute that is well seeded in the Colts offence. Trust and communication in the ever shifting landscape of defense (and gosh, do they show some determination and tackles that flatten some very large opponents) and trust from the fans.  My dream, the one that begins now,  is of a new era in our new COLTSRONG house. And this house is already becoming a great home for Pagano, Arians (he is great and yes Chuck, he does deserve a call but I hope he stays around for awhile longer), Luck, Mathis, Wayne, Hilton…..oh don’t start with all the names again because it’s a very big house!

It would be impossible to imagine that we could ever have such a bonding year as we have had this season. Personally, I don’t just fell closer to every player , coach and administrator in the Colts but I feel closer to every single person in Indianapolis.  Actually, in the whole of Indiana for that matter. So to those that read my blog I have a question. As Indianapolis’ most favored adopted Aussie son, am I now officially an Indianapolian or is there some other name for someone who lives in Indianapolis.  I might not live there physically, but my heart and soul feel they belong there. Though I have only been there once, I did feel very much at home in your great city and I thank everyone there for the opportunity of being part of the great game in a great city. And in the words of General Macarthur, I shall return!” Love you Indianapolis; great city, great people.


Rooting for the Colts a half a world away.  Our resident Aussie blogger, Rob Zammit, is a veterinarian and dedicated Colts fan.


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