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Posted by Kevin Bowen on January 7, 2013 – 10:46 am

It’s a feeling that 31-of-32- teams in the NFL feel at the end of each season.

For the Colts, pundits thought that feeling wouldn’t come in the playoffs but Indianapolis defied those odds by earning a spot into the postseason.

Just 30 minutes after having your season come to an end isn’t the ideal time to reflect on the past year but the Colts players know that the growth created in 2012 will lead to a motivational offseason.

“Hopefully, this is a good learning stone for us. Hopefully we can take this and take this season and learn from it, good and bad,” wide receiver Reggie Wayne said.

“We’re such a young team, we got the feel of it, we got what a playoff game feels like, especially on the road. So we can use this as a learning tool and we’ll have a bad taste in our mouth this offseason. And hopefully we can capitalize on that.”

Wayne has been through this ordeal before in suffering a playoff defeat before coming back and returning to make a deeper run in the postseason the following season.

The veterans made sure to speak up following Sunday’s 24-9 AFC Wild Card defeat in delivering a message they hoped resonates with their younger teammates.

“We just said remember how this feels, so that when next year gets here we won’t have to go through this,” safety Antoine Bethea said. “Just remember how we ended the season, when we’re lifting weights, do whatever we have to do so that next year we can just keep it going.”

Along with the players, Sunday’s contest brought an end to an extremely emotional season for the Colts coaching staff.

Offensive coordinator Bruce Arians was not able to attend the game on Sunday after being taken to a local Baltimore hospital earlier that morning.

It was another case of ‘next man up’ for the Colts and Chuck Pagano will head into his first complete NFL offseason as a head coach with the itch of wanting to get back to work in continuing to ‘build the monster.’

“I just, and again, remember this feeling,” Pagano said of what he told his players in the postgame locker room. “Because we’ve got the foundation, the foundation is set. We said we were going to build one on rock and not on sand, because you can weather storms like this and you can learn from times like this.”

“The disappointment and the feelings that they all have right now, that’s what is going to propel us to 2013. That’s what’s going to motivate us to come back and work even harder. We’ve got a young group, as you know, and we’ve got a bright future.”

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  1. By ray on Jan 7, 2013 | Reply

    To the players, coaches, and the entire Indianapolis Colts staff; I couldn’t be more prouder than I’m right now. You played your tails off each game. You made no excuesses as to lossing a head coach, and lossing yet another coach BA on the day of the playoffs, it’s always been in Indy the “Next man up”. You were amazing, the come backs the never say never die approach, playing hard to the very last whistle. I reside outside of Indy nation, in Minn but I worn my Colt’s jacket as proudly as any fan that live in Indy that get to come to your home games. I might have been the only fan in Buffalo Wildwings cheering your every move but I cheered and will continue to cheer for you as you move forward with your off season lives. To you and your family(s) I wish each of you a wonderful,fun and save time to spend together and can’t wait for what next year will bring. You never came apart, you stood tall together… it allow so many of us fans standing, cheering and begging for more…. you know what? The way you went about your lives, sticking together, being strong for one another also taught each one of us, the fans the true meaning of teamwork,togetherness and loyality. God bless you, take good care, enjoy your time off by God you earned it.. closing remark paraphase from Jet’s LB Scott from a few years ago… “Can’t wait, the Colts real yall!”

  2. By Chris on Jan 8, 2013 | Reply

    I just wanted to say that I have been a PROUD Indianapolis Colts fan since the days of the “Comeback Kid” Harbaugh. I didn’t jump on the band wagon when Manning came to Indy and I didn’t jump off the band wagon when he left. I make an attempt to make it to at least one home game every season (more if I could). I Proudly wear my Colts attire all year long.
    I have to say that I am very proud of the the players, the staff and the fans for a job well done. No one expected us to go as far as we did. This season was just a taste of what we get to look forward to, the I cannot wait to see what the future brings.
    Love My Indy Colts!!!!

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