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Posted by Kevin Bowen on January 10, 2013 – 9:58 am

Vontae Davis has called Indianapolis home for a little more than four months but could not be happier.

In his fourth NFL season, Davis fought through injuries to play his best football at the end of the year and got his first taste of the playoffs.

“I love it here,” Davis said of Indianapolis. “The fans and everybody in the locker room took me in. Right now I’m excited for next year to be back with the guys and there’s going to be a lot to build on.”

Just prior to the Colts final preseason game, Davis was acquired from the Miami Dolphins in exchange for a second round draft pick.

Davis played his first three seasons with the Dolphins and even though he was not familiar with many faces around the Colts locker room, he quickly felt apart of his new family

“Coming in from Miami, the transition was kind of tough at first trying to get used to everything but I settled in and it became a fun ride,” Davis said.

“Getting to know and getting used to the guys, I felt like I built a relationship with a lot of the guys here.”

As the Colts head into the offseason, they do so without their second round pick but head coach Chuck Pagano has been adamant that you won’t find a players with Davis’ talent at that point come April.

Davis production would back up that statement with him finishing the season with three interceptions in the final two regular season games. He became an extremely sound tackler in open space for the Colts defense.

For the first time in his NFL career, Davis got a taste of something his brother (Vernon Davis of the San Francisco 49ers) has told him all about.

The playoffs is something Davis wants to get used to experiencing and he’s itching to put in the needed time this offseason in order to get back to that atmosphere.

“We had the record we had a lot of guys bought in and worked hard,” Davis said. “You can’t accomplishing nothing without the hard work. We just have to come in and work hard to get where we want to get to next year.”

“This was my first playoff experience and the feeling was just phenomenal. I want to get there and go further next time.”

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  1. By ray on Jan 12, 2013 | Reply

    I’m really glad we have him. He has crazy skills that will only become better after getting a full mini camp next season. We really need cover guys and I love the way they challenge the receivers than playing that Tampa 2 cover with seams being open over the middle. A player always play there best for a team that they know the team, fans and players around them want/need them period. Go Colts.

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