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The Indianapolis Colts today hired Jimmy Raye as the team’s VP of Football Operations. Raye owns 18 years of NFL experience, including the last 17 with the San Diego Chargers. He served as San Diego’s director of player personnel from 2008-2012, overseeing the team’s professional and college scouting departments while assisting on player personnel matters.


“We’re excited to be adding someone as high caliber as Jimmy Raye to the Colts organization” said Colts General Manager Ryan Grigson. “He has a strong football pedigree, is highly intelligent, and is a top notch evaluator along with being a great human being. I am looking forward to rolling up my sleeves with him this offseason as we hit the ground running into free agency, the draft, and beyond.”


Raye joined the Chargers in 1996 and spent four seasons (1996-1999) as a scout. He was then elevated to the team’s director of college scouting, spending eight seasons in that role (2000-2007). Raye’s NFL career started with the Kansas City Chiefs as the team’s offensive quality control coach in 1995. He spent the 1994 season as a wide receivers coach at Irvine (California) High School and worked for the Amsterdam Admirals of the World League in April of 1995.


A wide receiver at San Diego State (1986-1990), Raye earned a degree in public administration. He left the university tied for eighth on the school’s all-time receiving list with 111 catches. In 1991, Raye signed with the Los Angeles Rams and spent the entire campaign on the team’s roster. He then went on to training camps with the Chargers (1992) and Houston Oilers (1993).


Raye was born in Fayetteville, N.C. His family moved to Irvine, Calif. where he became an all-league quarterback and defensive back at Irvine High School. He also played basketball and ran track. Raye’s father, Jimmy Raye II, played for the Philadelphia Eagles in 1969 and is currently an assistant coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Raye II owns 35 years of NFL experience and has held an offensive coordinator role in the league for 14 of those years. His longest tenure came with the Kansas City Chiefs (1992-2000) where he coached the tight ends (1992), running backs (1993-1997) and was the offensive coordinator (1998-2000).

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The offseason for the Indianapolis Colts is now a week old and preparations have already begun for a 2013 season that will be filled with higher expectations from those on the outside.

Head coach Chuck Pagano acknowledged that his team will be held to a higher standard, from those outside of the organization, in trying to build off an 11-5 regular season.

Addressing his players at a final team meeting last week, Pagano had a message for those assembled on what he is looking for during the offseason.

“I’ve asked them to take a beginner’s mentality,” Pagano said. “Whether you are going into your 13th season like Reggie Wayne or you’re going into your second season like most of our rookies, there’s something that you can get better at.”

“Our coaching staff, they’ll do a good job of getting the things to the players, three or four things, specific to their position that they can go and work on.”

With many of the important pieces in place, the Colts head into the offseason looking to fortify a foundation that is on firm ground.

College all-star games begin this weekend with the NFL Combine just over a month away. Free agency and the NFL Draft will commence in the following months and you can expect Indianapolis to search all avenues in trying to build a complete roster.

“I know from a mental standpoint we are going to be that much better having a year under our belt, having another offseason with everybody we add through draft or free agency or what have you,” Pagano said.

Over the coming weeks, the Colts staff will sit down and examine every facet of the roster that led Indianapolis back to the postseason.

The bar has been set for these Colts and now the next step is continuing to raise that level until it reaches the top.

“We will go into the offseason and we will evaluate everything that we’ve done, offensively, defensively, special teams wise,” Pagano said.

“We will evaluate our personnel, A-to-Z, turnover all the stones and we will identify those areas that we need to get better at, grow, and make the necessary adjustments and changes so that we can win a road playoff game, if necessary, and we can move on and reach our ultimate goal of winning a world championship.”

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Just found out some breaking information! The Indianapolis Colts are introducing a new off-season radio show, “The Last Word,” to air on 1070 The Fan, Fridays 6-7 p.m. The show will bring you the latest Colts coverage, hosted by Jeffrey Gorman and Matt Taylor, along with the return of long-time Indianapolis radio personality Jimmy “Mad Dog” Matis.

“The Last Word” will report on current horseshoe headlines and address recent hot topics within the sports world. The three Colts hosts will discuss and debate the top NFL off-season stories and aren’t afraid to get loud. The show will feature interviews with local and national sports authorities about the latest sports information. Listeners will also hear predictions of weekend sporting events and reminisce on memorable moments in history with some of sports’ finest.

This should be a great way to end your week!

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Interesting Times……..

Posted by coltsindianapolis on – 9:24 am

Well sure, our season is over and when I watch the games these days the neighbors aren’t complaining about the shouting coming from our household at five o’clock on Monday mornings, but nevertheless, it is an interesting time. You guys lit the passion I have for this game on the gridiron and I am loving the playoffs even though my best friends aren’t on the paddock.  The love of the game is strong within me; I feel the force! Certainly it is interesting to watch this quality football from a less involved passion.


Most certainly at Indianapolis we appreciate quality and there has been some great quality coming through the ranks in every playoff game.  Many of the games revealed quality plays and quality players, so to those who provided so much to our game, I am sure that from every spectator of the game, thank you.


The Ravens “BLINDSIDED” Denver; who saw that coming?  Patriots took care of business so “Tom cruise”s into a Championship Game. Falcons flew fantastically close to win the battle of the birds but there are those who say their heart lies in San Francisco. Yes, interesting times indeed. I won’t try to predict who might win next week; I thought it was going to be a Broncos Green Bay Super bowl, so hey, what would I know?


Still, that leaves me with preparations for SUPER BOWL MONDAY!! I always take the day off when the Super Bowl is being played.  It’s more a help-your-self to the food and beer day, but there are always hot dogs with all the trimmings, buffalo wings and many of my dips. The favored dip amongst my visitors is simple: Canned crab mixed with chopped canned artichokes, add parmesan cheese and mayonnaise then bake until some brown tips form and serve with crusty bread. Breakfast of Champions, that is!  Well, the game starts around ten in the morning, so a couple of beers while I make the dips then it’s dips and beer until half time. Finally Hot dogs and Buffalo wings with more beer during half time and the remainder of the afternoon. It sounds like a lot of beer and I’ll be “dinky-di” (Australian for genuine, honest), it’s a heck of a lot of beer, but we put on a good shindig (Aussie for party).  Some of us are cactus (non-functional) by the afternoon but there is always an assigned driver or you can just crash on our floor. So for any Colts fan that finds themselves in Sydney on Super Bowl Monday, you’re welcomed here around my billabong to indulge in some amber liquid and just appreciate quality time with someone who will always be COLTSTRONG!


Rooting for the Colts a half a world away.  Our resident Aussie blogger, Rob Zammit, is a veterinarian and dedicated Colts fan.

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