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Posted by Kevin Bowen on January 14, 2013 – 12:49 pm

The offseason for the Indianapolis Colts is now a week old and preparations have already begun for a 2013 season that will be filled with higher expectations from those on the outside.

Head coach Chuck Pagano acknowledged that his team will be held to a higher standard, from those outside of the organization, in trying to build off an 11-5 regular season.

Addressing his players at a final team meeting last week, Pagano had a message for those assembled on what he is looking for during the offseason.

“I’ve asked them to take a beginner’s mentality,” Pagano said. “Whether you are going into your 13th season like Reggie Wayne or you’re going into your second season like most of our rookies, there’s something that you can get better at.”

“Our coaching staff, they’ll do a good job of getting the things to the players, three or four things, specific to their position that they can go and work on.”

With many of the important pieces in place, the Colts head into the offseason looking to fortify a foundation that is on firm ground.

College all-star games begin this weekend with the NFL Combine just over a month away. Free agency and the NFL Draft will commence in the following months and you can expect Indianapolis to search all avenues in trying to build a complete roster.

“I know from a mental standpoint we are going to be that much better having a year under our belt, having another offseason with everybody we add through draft or free agency or what have you,” Pagano said.

Over the coming weeks, the Colts staff will sit down and examine every facet of the roster that led Indianapolis back to the postseason.

The bar has been set for these Colts and now the next step is continuing to raise that level until it reaches the top.

“We will go into the offseason and we will evaluate everything that we’ve done, offensively, defensively, special teams wise,” Pagano said.

“We will evaluate our personnel, A-to-Z, turnover all the stones and we will identify those areas that we need to get better at, grow, and make the necessary adjustments and changes so that we can win a road playoff game, if necessary, and we can move on and reach our ultimate goal of winning a world championship.”

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