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Posted by Kevin Bowen on January 22, 2013 – 4:27 pm

When Ryan Grigson was named Colts General Manager a little over a year ago, he had a tangible player on the roster he could show his scouting staff of what epitomizes the attributes they should be looking for in the scouting department.

One of Grigson’s sons goes to bed in a Robert Mathis jersey and the Pro Bowl outside linebacker ‘epitomizes what a football player is” according to the second-year GM.

Mathis fits the mold of what Grigson and his entire staff is looking for when the draft process and free agent period appears on the calendar.

“If you really scout this league and you really know this league, you can find guys that are under the radar, that are right under people’s noses, just because you dig a little harder and you have a better feel for some guys than the next team does,” Grigson said.

“I have such a stellar department at pro and college that I feel we can do that collectively as a group. I feel confident that we are going to be able to sign some guys that may not be household names but they are going to fit really well, they are going to play Colts football for 60 minutes and they are going to do their job at a high level, despite not being maybe that splash name.”

Grigson and his staff are currently entrenched in the process of searching for those players, whether it is through the draft or in free agency.

As he heads into his full complete offseason as general manager, Grigson says nothing is set in stone as to how he will be approaching things.

“I’ve learned from each spot that I’ve been in and I’ve been able to kind of look at things from afar and see how things were done, and say, ‘Okay, well I’m going to do this differently and do that differently, or I’m going to do this exactly how they did it,’ Grigson said.

“I’ve built my philosophy on things that I think didn’t work and things that I thought did work.” Grigson said.

Over the next few months, Grigson will get the chance to sit down with potential prospects and it’s those meetings that garner a large amount of weight when deciding who fits the mold of what he is looking for in a future ‘Colt.’

“Meeting these guys face-to-face, having dinner with them, looking them in the eye, that’s where you start to get a feel of what’s this guy makeup,” Grigson said.

“Does this guy play the game for the money or doe he play it because he flat out loves it and if you told him to go run down on kickoffs he’d do it?”

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  1. By ndbreeze on Jan 23, 2013 | Reply

    Very good as it seems to most Colt fans or should that was what made last years team great noy just good.Keep up that process and we can stay winners!!

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