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Natalie’s Notes #3-Q and A part 1

Posted by coltscheer on February 7, 2013 – 4:09 pm


Hey, everyone! We’ve received a lot of questions on Twitter and Facebook so I thought I would go ahead and answer your questions in a Q and A format. I will answer any questions you have for me about auditions, appearances, games or any part of the NFL cheerleader life. I hope to give you all a little more insight into the professional cheerleader world.

Q: How much of your time is dedicated to being a Colts Cheerleader? – Erica

A: We, as cheerleaders, invest quite a bit of time in order to be ready for anything the season may throw at us. We practice for 4 hours twice a week as a squad. Then, there’s working out, appearances and even extra practice time on our own. So, it’s a lot more time than most would think! But, most girls are either a full-time student or have a full-time job, so if you manage your time wisely it can be done.

Q: Is being a Sr. in HS too early to try out for the team? – Abby

A: I actually auditioned and made the team my first year when I was a senior in high school! Yes, it is definitely possible!

Q: If you could only give one piece of advice to the rookies, what would it be? – Angela

A: I would have to say confidence! It is so important for each girl to be confident in everything they do throughout the whole audition process. So, no matter what color top you wear, how you perform, or the style of your hair as long as you are confident, then that’s half the battle!

Q: What kind of top do the girls typically wear to auditions? – Danielle

A: You will want to wear a top that shows your stomach and that you are comfortable in. Many will wear swim suit tops, sports bras or dance tops. (see Natalie’s Notes #2)

Q: I am only 5 feet tall. Would that hurt my chances of making the team? – Amber

A: Absolutely not! we have a full range of height on our squad. There is no height requirement or maximum for our team. So, it doesn’t matter if you are 4’10” or 6’2″, just rock it!

I hope these answers help you girls out! And remember, submit ANY questions to our Facebook or Twitter page and don’t forget to use hash tags #NataliesNotes and #ColtsCheer2013!


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Posted by coltsindianapolis on – 3:38 pm

The happiest/saddest day of the year for us NFL Fans has come and gone!  And what an inspiring day it was.  Those school kids from the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut singing America the Beautiful displayed a bravery that is so entrenched in the American Spirit; I congratulate each and every one of them; that was a tough assignment and those kids shone through.  America really is the home of the brave.


And I got to say, two brave teams put on a wonderful exhibition, epitomizing what the NFL is all about.  Stamina, both physically and mentally. The 49ers never mentally chucking in the towel when so far behind in the first half then coming back to a whisker of taking the title.  The Ravens, coming in as underdogs knew what they had to do.  In the end it was Joe Flacco’s long game that gave the Ravens the lead they needed to hang on. Finally, John Harbaugh showed the pinnacle of how cerebral this game can be.  No one saw it coming and the safety play in those dying seconds took away the potential for a Hail-Mary from the 49ers. Now that was brilliant thinking.  At the end of the game we were only left with one question. Who forgot to pay the power bill? Thirty-six minutes of lights out in the second half saw a complete reversal in the flow of the game once someone paid the bill and got the lights back on. And now the season is over.


So what happens to an NFL Fan sitting in Australia during the off season? Mainly a state of decline and depression while waiting until August!  I will say, not so much decline in last year’s off season because the draft for the Colts was so exciting. We added Coach Pagano then acquired Andrew Luck in a brilliant year of off-season moves.  So, perhaps the draft will be of some interest this year because you never seem to know what Jim Irsay and our own NFL Executive of the Year, Ryan Grigson have planned.  Two things I now understand: they won’t disappoint and they never let their fans down. So I will have a lift in spirits during the oncoming draft.

So into hibernation I will go, on a fill of a very exciting year for this Colts fan.  A year when our team took on over ten rookies; a year when we were expected to be middle of the road but ended in the playoffs; a year that saw me make it to Lucas Oil Field and my first ever live NFL game; a year when I made so many football friends; and most of all, a year when our coach got better after suffering leukemia.  So I’ll keep in touch, I’ll even let you know about our football, the season starting in a few weeks, but I will long for what happens best on the gridiron.


Rooting for the Colts a half a world away.  Our resident Aussie blogger, Rob Zammit, is a veterinarian and dedicated Colts fan.

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Posted by Kevin Bowen on – 10:42 am

Next up on the NFL offseason schedule is the 2013 Combine that will take place in Indianapolis beginning Wednesday, Feb. 20.

The NFL released the official invite list for the Combine on Thursday with a total of 333 players receiving an invitation.

Here is a breakdown of the position groups:

Defensive backs – 60
Offensive linemen – 58
Defensive linemen – 54
Wide receiver – 39
Running backs – 38
Linebackers – 35
Tight ends – 19
Quarterbacks – 16
Kickers/Punters – 13/Special Teams – 1 will be covering the 2013 Combine and will have various blogs on the days leading up to the event starting up in less than two weeks.

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Posted by Kevin Bowen on – 9:00 am

A little less than a year ago, Dwayne Allen made a visit to Indianapolis and the trip didn’t go according to plan.

Allen was looking to supplant himself into a potential first round draft pick and improve his chances of being invited to the 2012 NFL Draft.

Those hopes were dashed when Allen took the blocks for the 40-yard dash.

Every move of combine participants is critiqued from every angle and a stressful week for Allen began when he crossed the finish line in a time of 4.89.

When that time flashed across the screen, Allen knew that any chance of being invited to the draft were gone.

In looking back on that moment, he is thankful his next few visits to Indianapolis would go down the right path.

“It was a blessing in disguise. I thank God every day for running that 4.9 because had I run faster, I could have been in a different place, under different circumstances,” Allen said.

“I’m just blessed to be here.”

In proving that combine numbers are not the final say in producing at the NFL level, Allen’s 40-time ranked seventh among the nine tight ends that ran at the 2012 Combine.

Of the six tight ends that ran faster 40-yard dashes than Allen, they combined for 12 catches and 142 yards in their rookie campaigns.

Allen’s stat line read as—45 catches for 521 yards.

While his speed numbers did not fall among the top of those at the tight end position, Allen did lead the group with 27 reps on the bench press.

The combine is next up on the NFL offseason schedule with a week of testing and interviews in Indianapolis beginning on Feb. 20.

Potential prospects will be dissected just like Allen was a year ago and if the Colts tight end had it his way the process would be pretty simple.

“Turn on the tape. Let me see the guy play,” Allen said.

“How fast is he on the field? Because I guarantee you I play a lot faster than a 4.9”

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ON TO 2013

Posted by craigkelleycolts on – 8:09 am

The Super Bowl is over.  College All-Star games are in the books and the NFL calendar ticks furiously toward the coming season.

The next major thing on the NFL landscape is the Combine in Indianapolis on February 20-26.  Free agency starts on March 12, and the draft is April 25-27.  Tick, tick, tick.

The draft order is set with Kansas City first and Baltimore last.  The Colts are nestled at 24th, and the NFL released the strength of schedule this week in conjunction with the official draft order.

The Colts’ 2013 opponents earned a 113-143 record this past season for a .441 winning percentage.

On paper, it makes the club’s schedule the third-easiest for the coming season.  Atlanta’s opponents had a .422 percentage (108-148), while Cincinnati’s were .438 (112-144).

Twelve of the 32 teams will play a schedule this year against teams with winning percentages below .500 from 2012.

Any chance games will be played on paper?  Didn’t think so.

One constant with the NFL is change.  What appears to be a bargain based on the past can be a mirage.

Coming off a 2-14 season in 2011, playing the Colts looked beneficial as an opponent in 2012.  Indianapolis went 11-5.

In 1998, the Colts were scheduled to play Atlanta on December 6.  The Falcons never had posted consecutive winning seasons and a young Colts team that might have seen Atlanta as a potential advantageous opponent late in the season instead found a 10-2 unit that was on the way to the Super Bowl.

Those are two of many stark examples of how perception is different than reality in the NFL.

The Colts won’t point to a combined .441 winning percentage of upcoming opponents.  Ryan Grigson and Chuck Pagano both say the bar is set high.  The team will keep the same mindset as last year and respect the process of preparing.

The Colts’ 2013 opponents are (Underlined denotes made playoffs):  HOME:  Houston, Tennessee, Jacksonville, Denver, Oakland, St. Louis, Seattle and Miami;  ROAD:  Houston, Tennessee, Jacksonville, Kansas City, San Diego, Arizona, San Francisco and Cincinnati.



Pick, Team, 2012 Record, W-L Record of 2013 opponents

1 – Kansas City, 2-14, 132-124 (.516)

2 – Jacksonville, 2-14, 138-118 (.539)

3 – Oakland, 4-12, 120-136 (.469)

4 – Philadelphia, 4-12, 130-126 (.508)

5 – Detroit, 4-12, 144-110-2 (.566)

6 – Cleveland, 5-11, 130-126 (.508)

7 – Arizona, 5-11, 141-111-4 (.559)

8 – Buffalo, 6-10, 122-132-2 (.480)

9 – New York Jets, 6-10, 130-124-2 (.512)

10 – Tennessee, 6-10, 131-125 (.512)

11 – San Diego, 7-9, 117-139 (.457)

12 – Miami, 7-9, 127-127-2 (.500)

13 – Tampa Bay, 7-9, 128-127-1 (.502)

14 – Carolina, 7-9, 132-124 (.516)

15 – New Orleans, 7-9, 133-122-1 (.521)

16 – St. Louis, 7-8-1, 137-117-2 (.539)

17 – Pittsburgh, 8-8, 119-137 (.465)

18 – Dallas, 8-8, 134-122 (.523)

19 – New York Giants, 9-7, 133-122-1 (.521)

20 – Chicago, 10-6, 130-124-2 (.512)

21 – Cincinnati, 10-6, 112-144 (.438)

22 – Washington#, 10-6, 126-129-1 (.494)

23 – Minnesota, 10-6, 132-122-2 (.520)

24 – COLTS, 11-5, 113-143 (.441)

25 – Seattle, 11-5, 127-125-4 (.504)

26 – Green Bay, 11-5, 129-125-2 (.508)

27 – Houston, 12-4, 127-129 (.496)

28 – Denver, 13-3, 117-139 (.457)

29 – New England, 12-4, 126-128-2 (.496)

30 – Atlanta, 13-3, 108-148 (.422)

31 – San Francisco, 11-4-1, 128-126-2 (.504)

32 – Baltimore, 10-6, 127-129 (.496)

#Choice dealt to St. Louis

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