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Natalie’s Notes #4-Q and A part 2

Posted by coltscheer on February 9, 2013 – 3:39 pm


Hey guys! I’m back for part 2 of my first Q and A post. I hope you all found part 1 to be helpful and informative. Don’t hesitate to submit any other questions you may think of about the NFL cheerleader life.

Q: Is the DCC Show really accurate? – Patrick

A: What you may have seen on the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders-Making the Team show is somewhat similar to our own Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader auditions. We go through a lot of the same things during the audition process, all in preparation for our season. The audition process is a very intense and nerve racking process, but it is also a lot of fun! We all wouldn’t go through all of that if we didn’t truly have a passion for performance and want to be on this team. But, there are also a lot of differences, which come with every NFL team.

Q: How much time a week is in the gym and practicing routines for game day? – Bendar

A: We practice 4 hours twice a week and then there’s also extra practicing outside of our team practices on our own. Game weeks usually call for a bit more practice, as we want everything to look perfect on game day! Then on top of that, most girls will do an hour(+) work out 5-7 days a week. We all put in a lot of work to look and perform the way we do at games and appearances.

Q: Do you have to buy every uniform? – Amber

A: We do not purchase our uniforms. All our uniforms are made by a personal seamstress, making them very unique. Each year when the team is made, we will put down a uniform deposit for all our outfits and uniforms we receive, then at the end of the year once we turn everything back in, we get the deposit back. So, really we are just renting our uniforms each year.

Q: What is the age of the oldest cheerleader? – Lori

A: There is no age maximum to making the team, but I do believe the oldest anyone has ever been is about mid thirties.

Q: Sometimes when I go to the gym I notice at night I’m starved to death (even after a healthy balanced dinner).  What would you suggest for a healthy snack that doesn’t ruin my day ?? – Tammy

A: I understand your frustration.  In fact, I went to our squad’s Fitness captain, Erin to ensure that I found you the best answer. Some things you could eat would be almonds, veggies, peanut butter with crackers or celery or even a protein shake!

Thanks again for checking in! I hope you are finding these posts very helpful and informative. I would love to get your feedback on the blog. Let me know if there is a topic you would like to hear about or a question you would like answered. I’m here to help connect you with this amazing organization, so until next time  – Go Colts!


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