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Natalie’s Notes #5-Audition Hair

Posted by coltscheer on February 12, 2013 – 10:54 pm

Hey, everyone! I hope you have been enjoying my notes. Since the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders Facebook page is talking about appearance this week, I thought I would give you some ideas on hair for auditions. Everyone’s hair is different, so make sure you know your hair type before you apply any tips or ideas I may give you.

First off, the Indianapolis Colts are a pretty conservative organization and as cheerleaders our goal is to have the “girl next door” look. That being said, you will want to make sure your hair is a natural color, so even though having blue streaks in your hair may seem trendy and cool, it probably isn’t the type of look you would want for auditions.  Don’t think you have to go color your hair for auditions either. We have all types of hair colors on our team so whatever you feel comfortable in is good! And if you do color your hair, you will want to get it done enough in advance to have it looking perfect for auditions.

The Colts Cheerleading squad is very big on having healthy, shiny hair. So, if you haven’t had a trim in a while, you might want to get one before auditions so your hair looks as healthy as possible.  Also, conditioning treatments are great for adding shine and moisture if you have dry hair. We have all ranges of hair length on our squad, so don’t think you have to have long hair to make the team because that is definitely not the case! Some girls choose to wear extensions in their hair to add fullness or to give them a little more length. If you choose to wear extensions and are not familiar with them, I highly recommend practicing putting them in (if they are clip ins) and most importantly, practice dancing in them! No one wants to lose a hair extension in the middle of a dance routine. But, in no way is it necessary for you to wear extensions in your hair.

You will want to start thinking of how you are going to style your hair throughout auditions. Whether you like to wear your hair curled or straight doesn’t matter, both are great! Again, if you are not used to styling your hair, then you should definitely practice leading up to auditions, that way you have it down by the first day. You will want your hair to be full, shaped well, but still moveable. Teasing your hair is a great way to get some body and volume, just make sure you don’t go overboard with the teasing comb. Know what kind of products you need for your hair, whether it be gel, mousse, root booster, or serums.  You need to know what is going to make YOUR hair look its very best! And of course, hairspray is always a great tool for style and making your hair stay all day, but again, don’t overdo it with the hairspray.

My final word of advice is to stay true to yourself. Don’t change your hair color or cut just for these auditions. Everyone is unique in their own way – it’s just about enhancing your own natural beauty. Tyler Mason Salon and Spa is a sponsor of the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders and they offer consultations for girls wanting to audition.  So if you are unsure of what to do or need help, I recommend contacting them for an appointment. I have attached some of my pictures from auditions last year. Don’t forget to practice how you will do your hair for auditions before the first day.  You don’t want to realize something doesn’t work the day of auditions.  And remember, submit any questions or concerns you might have to the Colts Cheerleader Facebook or Twitter page and use the hash tag #NataliesNotes!


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