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Posted by craigkelleycolts on February 21, 2013 – 12:24 pm

This time a year ago, Bruce Arians had no idea what 2013 would hold for him.

Today, he strolled into Lucas Oil Stadium, a stadium he inhabited in 2012, wearing a Cardinal red hat in the style made famous by Payne Stewart.

He strolled in as the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, a post the 30-year coaching veteran would never gained had it not been for the work he did in Indianapolis last year.

“A career (laughs),” said Arians about what he got out of last year serving as an interim for Chuck Pagano.  “Nothing will ever take away the memories from last year.  Just everything that went on (was fun).

“The relationships with a great group of players were special.  The rookie class was special.  The whole thing that happened with Chuck Pagano and being the interim coach led to this opportunity.  Basically this time last year, I was retired.”

Arians took over for Pagano after three games, earning a 9-3 record while Pagano battled leukemia.  The unique story spawned off-shoot honors as Arians won some coach-of-the-year awards.

During his run last year, Arians said he never had felt more wanted than he did in being with the Colts last year.  He said that feeling never will subside.

“There’s no doubt (that feeling will remain).  It was meant to be,” said Arians of serving in Indianapolis last year.  “Everything happens for a reason.  It was meant for Kris and me to be in Indianapolis last year.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world, it was so special.”

Arians says life has not slowed down, estimating he’s been in Phoenix for only about 10 days with all his football-related travels.

The Colts will visit Arizona next season, meaning Arians’ old team will visit his new one.

“It will be fun,” said Arians.  “Going back (to play a former team), it’s happened a couple of times through the years for me.  There won’t be any losers that day.”

Arians took Harold Goodwin with him to Arizona.  Goodwin had been the Colts’ offensive line coach last year.  Arians added Tom Moore, too.

“Tom is going to help me run the offense.  I’m going to call plays,” said Arians.  “He’s going to help Harold Goodwin coordinate it and basically be my right-hand man.  He’ll be a guy I can lean on.  As I get torn back and forth between being offense and head coach, I know I have guys in there who have done it.”

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  1. By coltsaddict29 on Feb 21, 2013 | Reply

    I was a big fan of Arians last year and really was impressed with how he led the team during Pagano’s treatment, but gotta be honest that I’m not real sad to see him go. His offense that he run’s requires a really good O-Line which the Colts do not have, and lead to Luck being hit and sacked alot do to the time it takes for receviers to get open. Luck’s young so he bounced back but as a fan don’t like my franchise QB taking all those hits. In Pittsburg he ran the same offense and Big Ben’s always been knocked for holding on to the ball to long which is not his fault he was just running Arians offense which requires that, and he has missed games cause of injurys caused by hits from waiting for the plays to develop. The hiring of Hamiliton i belive will turn out to be one of the best off season moves the Colts made, and will help limit the amount of sacks/hits Luck takes and improve his compleation% with the short routes of the west coast hybird offense Pep runs

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